Less than 6 Hours daily sleep may cause early death

Regularly sleeping for a time of fewer than six hours per day can cause early death, however, too much sleep can also lead to several problems, in accordance with a study which claims to have found definite evidence of the potential harm caused to the body due to abnormal sleep patterns. The research conducted by academics from Italy and the United Kingdom had analyzed various data from 16 different studies conducted across Asia, Europe, and the United States in the last 25 years, and managed to cover more than 1.3 million people as well as upwards of 100,000 deaths.[irp]

The research had found that over the last 25 years, those individuals who would sleep for a time of fewer than six hours per day would be 12 percent more likely to experience an early or premature death, in comparison to those individuals who would sleep for a time of 6 to 8 hours. The researchers from Italy and the UK concluded that the evidence for the link between sleep hours and premature death was “unequivocal.” This study which had been published in a scientific journal named Sleep had been carried out by a team of academics from the Federico II University Medical School located in Naples and a team from the University of Warwick. The study has also concluded that those people who regularly sleep for a time of more than nine hours per day have a higher chance of dying early.

The act of oversleeping is not in itself seen at a risk, however, it is seen as an indicator of hidden or underlying ailments. Where short sleep periods may be representing the cause of ill health, longer sleeping periods are believed to be representing an indicator or sign of ill health.  This statement was made by the head of the Sleep, Health and Society Program at the University of Warwick, Professor Francesco Cappuccio. The modern society has seen a slow reduction in the average sleep duration periods of the people, and this pattern is more so common amongst the full-time workers, which suggests that the patterns may be due to societal pressures to work for overtime at work or take up more shifts.

However, the deterioration of our health is most commonly accompanied by longer sleeping period durations. The optimal sleeping period duration for your health is between six to eight hours per day. The duration of sleep should be actually regarded as a behavioral risk marker or indicator, which is influenced by the environment and could be possibly fixed or changed.[irp]

The study by the teams had also noted that the previous research conducted on the lack of sleep has clearly shown that the lack of sleep is associated with various ailments which include obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes. Keep your sleep timings in check and there is only one thing which is left to be asked, how long do you sleep for?

Source: The Guardian