Hana Jamal Alooni: Saudi Arabia’s first female Sports Reporter

Here is one of the shining stories of Saudi Arabia’s first female journalist who is reporting on sports. Sports journalism is extremely popular in the Kingdom where the football fever is at its peak.

Journalists, columnists, sports anchors, news readers, and radio presenters in the whole Kingdom punctually air and exchange their perspectives regarding the pitch performances of the Saudi Professional League which consists of 14 teams. The focus in all the sports reports is based on famous clubs which includes Al-Nassr, Al-Hilal, Al-Shabab, Al-Ahli and Ittihad clubs.

First female reporter of Saudi-Arabia

Hana Jamal Alooni is the first female reporter of Saudi-Arabia who covers sports events in the Kingdom. Hana is working as the content manager at MBC PR. She holds a strong background in her journalism career. She took her career’s first step by working for Al-Madina newspaper at a post of the reporter.

She then worked for Okaz daily. Okaz is a Saudi daily newspaper located in Jeddah where she displayed her talent and leadership skills effectively and because of this, she got a position at the manager level. 

3407 Hana Jamal Alooni - Saudi Arabia’s first female Sports Reporter

She is 38 Years Old

Hana was born in July, the year 1981. She started admiring sports because of her late father who had keen interest and passion for all types of sports. She studied biology as the main subject in university but since she loved sports she became an active blogger of sports.

Because of her sports blogging, a friend of her father encouraged her to apply for a job as a reporter in a newspaper and so now she is in sports reporting.  Hana quoted that for a young struggling woman, the road was irregular, in fact very tough to walk on in a male dominant society.

She worked hard to get this position

She worked hard to get a position of sports content manager at the MBC PRO channel. She made extra effort to prove her leadership skills and abilities. She stated that she was very much passionate about her work and for this purpose, her husband delayed their honeymoon trip. According to her, her husband was very supportive since the beginning. She never imagined success without his support.

Being a young woman, the road to success is not easy and one should work hard to achieve their goals. No matter how long and difficult the path is but one should overcome the fears and work hard constantly.  We have Best wishes for Hana Jamal Alooni.

Source: Saudi Gazette