6 Reasons, Terrorists prefer Rest Houses to hide themselves

Now a day’s terrorism is a worldwide issue in overall society. Many countries are facing this issue, whether directly or indirectly. Most countries are against terrorism, while others ignore or even support it. Terrorism refers to the brutal acts which are planned to create aggression (terror). They usually target civilians who are innocent. People who commit this act are known as terrorists. According to the security source, in Dammam, terrorists hide in rest houses. They rent the place as it is easy for them. There are a lot of reasons behind renting rest houses as hideouts which include location and facilities. Basically, the real meaning of rest house is a place where visitors, who do not have friends, family or relatives in the area, could stay. It looks like an ordinary residence. Following are the reasons due to which terrorist prefer to stay in rest houses.[irp]

According to a report, this is the reality because the security forces found out terrorists hiding in rest house situated in Al-Hazarat District in Jeddah. A rest house was rented by two terrorists for hiding purpose. It was further added that the security forces also found out and attacked terrorists hiding in Riyadh and Qasim in a similar way. The religion of Islam supports freedom, peace, and love and dislikes terrorism. Islam focuses on love and sympathy and importance of showing love and sympathy to every creature of Allah. The best solution to terrorism is true love and sympathy.

1-Security sources said that terrorists need privacy. They prefer houses far away from the commercial and residential area. The terrorists generally choose a living place with no close neighbors.

2-The rest houses are thought to be a place for entertainment and people like to spend quality time there far away from the rush and activities of the city. Therefore, nobody suspects the place.

3-Enter and exit from the rest house is easy throughout the day without raising doubts. It is more reasonable to rent a rest house instead of a cottage or a residence in any housing area.

4-The rest houses are easy to rent than an apartment or bungalow.  The rest houses are furnished with simple furniture which terrorist can use especially they have no beds. They don’t need any lavish furniture.

5-There is a facility of parking in rest houses and they are built in such a way that the guest can drive or park his car with no trouble.[irp]

6-According to the source, terrorists also consider these rest houses because they are free from security. There is no interference from outsiders in their daily routine. They also say that no one can imagine that these rest houses can be a source of destruction or death.

Source: Saudi Gazette