“You are Dead Now” – Talk to the management if you are alive

Negligence is the violation of a lawful duty of care

A violation of this responsibility gives the sufferer a right to act against the carelessness. All health care specialists, doctors, caretakers, and other health care suppliers are responsible for the physical condition and protection of their patients and are probably to make available a high level of quality care.

But sorry to say, healthcare specialists and healthcare suppliers can be unsuccessful at times towards their responsibility of patients by not treating them properly and attending with disrespect, acting unkindly, or by providing poor quality care.

The hospital declared him dead on his face

A resident challenged and acted against a hospital after it recorded him among the list of dead people and declared him dead. Mohammad Jibreel, a 41-year-old man, admitted his Nigerian brother-in-law in the hospital on Sept. 21. This was the time from when the case started.

Jibreel told that his Nigerian brother-in-law visited the Kingdom to perform Hajj. The complete information about brother-in-law which was stated in his Hajj card was provided by Jibreel to the hospital receptionist.

The patient stayed there in the hospital for one day. The next day, when Jibreel went to the hospital he was told that his brother-in-law had expired.

They issued him a Death Certificate as well

After completing the necessary paperwork to claim the dead body of his brother-in-law, he was stunned to find that his own details were recorded instead of his brother-in-law. Jibreel said that the hospital management issued a death certificate for him and not for his brother-in-law.

The certificate was signed by the Head of the hospital. He also said that he asked the management that he wanted to meet the head of the hospital but he rejected to meet him after he found out the mistake. Jibreel said that he visited daily for six days to the police officer and the hospital to find the answer to his problem.

He wants reimbursement for such negligence

The funeral of his brother-in-law was postponed because of the hospital’s carelessness. He has registered an objection to the Director of Health Affairs department and in response, they informed him that they will start an inquiry into the incident.

Ministry of Health spokesman Mishal Al-Rubaian, the staff member at Health Department, said that the department was informed about the incident and it will start an inquiry.

The officially authorized advisor and legal representative, Awadh Al-Harthy, said that it was completely an act of carelessness which Jibreel faced. The hospital committed a big error.

They provided a death certificate for Jibreel when he is still alive

They had to issue the certificate for his brother-in-law. Harthy also said that the hospital did not only disrespect the resident but also his Nigerian brother-in-law. He also stated that the hospital must be punished for its carelessness.

In such scenarios, the hospital management is not alone responsible for it. It happens because of the health care providers which they hire and if they are careless in giving proper treatment and complete information, they are also answerable for that carelessness as same as anyone else.

Source: Saudi Gazette