No Work Permit or Iqama Renewal without Ijar Registration – The Minister’s Council

The Minister’s council passed an order instructing the Ministry of Labor and Social Development to not to renew Work Permits of the residents who are not registered with Ijar electronic Online System.

Renewal of Work Permit is one of the prerequisites for renewal of Iqama. The electronic Ijar system was formulated for the renewal and issuance of work permits for expatriates working in the Kingdom of Saudi-Arabia.[irp]

The order was passed in the session of the Cabinet which is held every week lead by the guardian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman. The Cabinet session took place at Al-Yamama Palace located in Riyadh. King Salman ordered the Ministry of Labor and Social Development to coordinate with the Ministry of Housing and start working on the formation of this new system.

For the establishment of the mechanism, coordination is necessary between both the ministries.  Adel Al-Turaifi who is the minister of culture and information in the Kingdom stated that the decision which the Cabinet took regarding electronic Ijar system is going to be applied immediately.

If any sort of rental contract is reported which is not registered via the electronic Ijar system, it would be considered invalid or not acceptable. The Cabinet also informed the Ministry of Housing and Justice to formulate the necessary terms and conditions along with all the requirements.

These conditions and requirements must be included in the contract which is needed to register for the electronic Ijar system. The electronic Ijar system is working since 2014. This system was initiated with the coordination of the Ministry of Housing and Ministry of Commerce and Interior.

The Ministry of Housing made it obligatory for all the real estate firms to join the electronic Ijar system as soon as possible. Joining of the electronic Ijar system by the real estate firms will help to manage and regulate the rental market easily.

This way it can control and measure rents to preserve rights of the landlords and tenant holders. The Minister of housing, Majed Al-Hoqail, stated that the Cabinet will help in managing the rental market. The Electronic system can easily define the rights of tenants and landlords which can be formulated by via a sign of both the parties on the rental agreement by Ijar online system.

The Ministry of Labor and Social Development recommends and advisory firms who come under the private sector to take full advantage of this online system which will help them in searching or borrowing staff from the government sector.

The order released in September last year relates to the searching of Saudi employees who were working in government departments and universities. This browsing of Saudi employees can be done and calculated with the help of the Nitaqat Saudization program.

The Saudi Press Agency reported the order which clearly states that the private sector firms can borrow employees on labor base contract for full-time jobs. Selecting Saudi employees from the government sectors or universities by the private sector will be measured on a scale as one Saudi employee under the Nitaqat program

Source: Saudi Gazette

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