5 things everyone should know when paying with your credit card

Skimming is counted as a white-collar crime and modern form of doing fraud with the help of technology. Skimming is an electronic procedure in which the personal information of a victim's credit card is stolen by thieves. The skimmer is a device which scans a credit card easily along with all the information a credit card contains. Skimming can happen almost everywhere now. Most likely Skimming can be done easily in restaurants as our credit card is taken away from us when we need to pay the bill and consumers most probably should be aware at the restaurants. Skimming might also occur during a transaction in business deals. There are latest and high technologies carried by thieves for skimming.   Credit card terminal manufacturer, Ingenico, issued guidelines as for how to verify a skimmer in a standard terminal of Ingenico iSC250. The information issued by the Credit card terminal manufacturer, Ingenico is very useful and everyone should read it once before using Ingenico iSC250.[irp]

1-A skimming terminal is larger than the normal one which is made large purposefully. The skimmer should be wider and longer in length than the terminal itself and that’s why skimming terminal is apparently bigger than the real safer one. This is the basic and most important principal feature which helps to recognize the fraudulent devices.

2-Besides this, the skimmer which inserts more quickly can also block the button highlighting on the terminal. When the terminal scans the card, the attachable skimmer may block the LED light that must be on. Skimmer Inside an Ingenico iSC250 never allows the stylus to be attached and that's why all the payment terminals have a stylus that is attached to them in which the clients mark their signature after their cards are scanned.

3-Besides all these facts, there are some important protective steps which one should keep in mind while carrying a credit or debit card. The most protective step to keep yourself away from the scam is to have a separate debit card which just holds the amount of money you need for a purchase.

4-Kindly make sure that when money is paid via a credit card in store, the salesman or employee does not take the card away from you. Similarly, in a restaurant, keep your eyes open when paying the bill. After your payment is done by card, read the receipts carefully because the field with the paid amount should never be blank or empty. Always set a cash limit so the criminals would not be able to pull out all your money at once.[irp]

5-You must Connect to the SMS banking service which alarms you immediately for any kind of false action. If a card is lost, immediately reach or call your bank to forward a request for blocking the card.  Always be aware of the new terms and policies of the bank which is for the protection of their clients and relates to the insurance of credit or debit card.