Whitening Cream burns the Face of a bride just before her marriage in Jeddah

Cosmetics Shopping from Online Stores: Online shopping presents a lot of benefits to its customers. It is easy for retailers to make websites to advertise the products and for customers to use their credit cards and get whatever they desire. With a credit card, the world is in your hands.

The choice becomes unlimited and there is no restriction to buy local products or buy only through catalogs. It decreases the troubles that accompany during any shopping trip like parking or traffic. The process of online shopping just takes a few minutes.

We can purchase from any place in the world at any time. It looks like a Golden Age of shopping. Many women these days prefer to do online shopping from a site. They prefer to buy products like fashion items, beautiful things, and other accessories from online stores.

Whitening Cream: In Jeddah, a new dispute has started on a young woman who used a whitening cream which she had bought online from an Instagram account, burned her face and body parts.  Her wedding ceremony was three months away.

She used the cream for 1 month which showed no side effects. But after 2 months, she noticed the side effects that her skin was becoming darker. It totally changed her skin color as time passed. The dermatologist described that the woman had no skin infections or reactions previously.

It will take up to 5 years to recover: The doctor said, after having many experiments and tests on the cream, that the chemical constituent in the cream found out was not approved in the Kingdom. He also added that this effect of the cream on woman’s skin can take up to five years to be reversed completely. 

Many women shared their experiences with us regarding the online shopping of cosmetic products.  A Saudi patient relations officer, Tahani Qoqandi, explained that she won’t suggest anyone buy beauty items via social media sites.

She further added that she might think over buying something if she gets to hear good reviews of the product. She said that she is buying a lot of stuff online like clothes, Abayas, fat burning creams and beauty items for quite some time.

In the beginning, she was horrified about how to get items from those who only have an online account, how she can trust them to be honest enough that they won’t just run away with her money. But at the end, she was surprised with the quality of some products which she ordered online but not always.

Don't buy cosmetic products which are not tested before: A Saudi worker, Sara Khalid, said that the females who are purchasing beauty products containing chemicals that are not medically experimented on are making a big blunder. Online buying of such products is a major mistake since they are a threat to their skin, beauty, and health.

Rana Rozi said that she will never purchase cosmetic items online because she cannot trust online accounts selling products on social media. She prefers to buy it from an authentic web store or shop.

Source: Saudi Gazette