6 things Muslims living in the United States should avoid doing

United states President, Mr. Donald Trump, released an executive order related to the immigration process which is to stop the entry of Syrian refugees into the United States. He further banned entry of people belonging to seven different Muslim states for a certain period. The executive orders of immigration were signed by the U.S President in the last week of January 2017. The seven Muslim states include Iraq, Iran, Syria, Yemen, Libya, Sudan and Somalia. This official order spread great violence in United states politically, as well as religiously and created a tragic situation which became a massive legal issue for Muslim immigrants, students, permanent residents and green card holders who live or work in the United States.[irp]

After the release of the order of banning immigration for Muslims, severe issues and crises rose in the United States for Muslims. Muhammad Baakeel, who works as a consultant to Saudis in the United States which is basically a non-profit group of Saudi students, shared his experience and gave some tips. Muhammad Baakeel stated that Muslims should not panic, get worried or terror because of the new rules which are going to be strict. Muhammad Baakeel also gave reference to a voice clip which became viral on social media which was towards extremism. 

According to the current ongoing situation in the United States, Muhammad Baakeel suggested each and every Muslim in the United States take the following preventive steps to avoid any sort of trouble during their stay. Muhammad Al-Issa, who is Cultural Attaché at the Saudi Embassy in Washington, United States, narrated that the current period is going to be a bit harder and resilient for the issuance of visas to Muslims. The essential advice for all Muslims in the United States which needs to be considered are: 

Muslims should be very careful regarding the execution of any kind of action or step and try to keep themselves away from actions which could create trouble for them. Although the Official executive order does not affect Muslims residing or Muslim travelers who belong to other countries besides the specific seven Muslim states the scrutiny procedures are on the extreme level at the airports which can create a problematic situation for those who ignore and don’t respect the basic security issues.

1-Don't keep any sort of offensive content in your cell phones, tablets or laptops. Delete it immediately.

2-Try to be more careful now in giving a response to any sort of question when asked and don’t start discussion whose topic revolves around political or religious ideologies.

3-Kindly keep yourself away from those social media forums or groups which might have a link to any extremist groups.

4-Be polite and stay calm when answering questions. Try to be diplomatic.[irp]

5-Don’t make any arguments and show aggressive expressions against U.S. laws and regulations.

6-Downloading movies or content which shows any kind of extremism can also create problems for Muslims.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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