10 Things all mothers do for which you should be thankful to her

Giving birth to you. This should be the only entry here. All you need to do is watch a video of any woman in labor and then sit in awe of your rock star mom. A mother is perhaps the greatest blessing of Allah on his creatures. She takes care of you in pain, faces all the hardships of the life and makes you what you are. We should take care of her, give her respect, hug her every now and then and let her feel how important she is in your life before it is too late. Here are 10 things that all mothers do and we should be thankful to her for doing them.[irp]

1-Attempt to stuff your stomach with as much food as possible.  Your mom cannot bear the thought of you being on an empty stomach. A skipped meal is usually equal to the end of the world in her books. Mothers love making your favorite food.

2-Staying awake till you reach home regardless of the fact if you are 18 or 28. She will also call to make sure you reached home safely. No matter what time of night it may be, you know your mother will be awake praying for your safe return.

3-Boasting in front of family and friends about you. It doesn’t matter what the achievement is, your mother will treat it to be the greatest achievement of all time.

4-Pampering you. Yes, your mom will have those moments of extra pampering and fuss over you, and she is perhaps the best person for the job.

5-Looking out for your best interest. Whether you know about it or not and agree with her or not, your mother will always be on the lookout for you. It is as if you have a permanent guidance counselor throughout your life who you can just call up or go to and discuss anything and everything.

6-She will call out the overly nosy relatives. People can say whatever they want to your face all day, but if your mother hears it, you can be completely sure she will destroy the other person.

7-Raising you to be a functional human being. This shall cover everything from how to clean our behinds and how to eat with a spoon.

8-Care for you when you are ill or sick. Although she might be lecturing you about how it is because of the few things she tells you not to do, alongside she would also be making your favorite soup or giving you food. She would also be checking your temperature and making you feel comfortable alongside.

9-Search for everything that you lose and successfully find it. This is a superpower which I have also witnessed. Anything which we lose will be tracked down by our mother under 5 minutes from the same place you had searched for hours.[irp]

10-Always knowing what you are up to. Even if you smoked three days ago and showered twice after that, she will know when and where you smoked the cigarette. Give you a reality check. Whether it is a new hairstyle, outfit or just a case of body odor, your mom will tell you how it is, straight up. Provide you with invaluable advice. This will be important stuff which nobody else can or will bother telling you, so listen up and listen hard.

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