Is it better to sleep without a pillow or with a pillow?

The basic concept of a pillow (as we know it) dates back almost 9000 years to Mesopotamia when the people would use the blocks of stone to keep their heads raised where they had slept. The Egyptians of ancient times would also rest their heads on a stone to prevent the bugs from entering the nose, ears, and mouth. The ancient Chinese people used wood, ceramic or stone pillows. The Romans and the Greeks would, however, use pillows which would be made of cloth and stuffed with straw and/or feathers. While the most ancient forms of the pillows sound rather uncomfortable, they suggest that the people have always raised their heads in order have a comfortable sleep.[irp]

Today the pillows are considered as the most important things, so much so that some hotels around the world even provide different pillows to their customers. In the end, the question is not about whether it is better to sleep without a pillow and more so about the personal comfort of everyone. Some of the individuals sleep better without a pillow and then there are some who need 2 or 3 pillows to be comfortable at night. You must try to choose the pillows which do not trap any heat as our bodies need a drop-in temperature to have a good night’s sleep. Whereas sleeping with or without a pillow is a personal preference, there is, however, some medical experts who firmly believe that there are several benefits of sleeping without a pillow.

1-Some people might argue that sleeping without a pillow is the healthiest method to sleep as it does great benefits to the spine. Sleeping on the back without having a pillow will allow the spine to rest completely with the natural curves of the body.  When you sleep with thick or many pillows the spine can get displaced.

2-Others will argue however that sleeping without any pillow will help reduce wrinkles and other unappealing facial features. This will be attributed to the fact that our face is not being pushed up the entire night against the pillow or pillows.

3-There will also be those who state that pillows are interfering with the quality of the sleep that we receive especially more so in those cases when the people use a wrong type of pillow. Sleeping without a pillow will help ensure that you receive quality sleep as your body can be at the normal levels and not inclined due to the pillow.[irp]

While there may be several reasons to sleep with or without a pillow, most of the medical experts have agreed that it is a matter of personal preference. If you are finding your sleep to be more comfortable without a pillow, then sleep without one.  If you prefer sleeping with a pillow, do so, but make sure it is the right type of pillow.