10 Benefits of Sleeping without clothes or with minimal clothes

1-It is much easier, when you won’t have to worry about having clothes to sleep in, things automatically start getting easier. Plus, you will have fewer clothes to wash and fold etc.

2-It will force you to be ready to go anywhere more often. Some of the people usually get free from work and immediately change into their pajamas which are then used as an excuse to just stay in their homes. This will lead to a sedentary lifestyle which can cause things like weight gain etc.[irp]

3-It will help you feel free and happier. No more worrying about any pants, or underwear. No constrictive clothing allowing your body to be as it is. Cool sheets directly on your skin will feel like heaven.

4-The skin on skin contact is literally the best when you are sleeping with your spouse.

5-It can lead to better sleep. There is nothing to interfere with you and your sleep. There is no tension of having anything stuck anywhere or in an uncomfortable position. It will help you in getting a deeper, better sleep when you have nothing to worry about in the bed.

6-It will help your skin. Just like every other part of our body, our skin, especially in the armpit, feet and pubic area, needs to breathe. However, these parts are the ones which are covered up or constricted all day long. Give those parts a chance to breathe and air out.

7-It will help you regulate your cortisol. Cortisol is a strange chemical made in the body which can cause a lot of damage. When you are sleeping naked, it will help to keep your body temperature in the prime range so that your body may create better cortisol.

8-It will balance the growth hormone and melatonin. If you keep your sleeping environment below 70 degrees F, your body will regulate the melatonin and hormone levels. These chemicals will then help the body to prevent aging and are also essential to pristine health.

9-It will help you to keep the genital organs happier. The cooler sleeping environment will allow the male organs and reproductive functions normal. Women also benefit from this as cooler temperatures minimize the risk of yeast infections.[irp]

10-Sleeping in the summers will become much more bearable. Summers can be a tricky time to get proper sleep without waking up in a puddle of your own sweat. By losing those extra clothes summer sleep will become comfortable.