5 Places in India where Indians are not allowed to Enter

When one is born in a country, has parents from that country and has spent their entire life in the same country, they have some expectations from the country. Firstly, they consider it as THEIR OWN country, some place they can indefinitely call their own. Secondly, they expect that the ENTIRETY of the country will be open to them to travel and explore, as it is all theirs.  However, this is not the case in some countries. Some countries have “exclusive” places and establishments which are reserved for only outsiders or foreign nationals in the country, where as the locals or nationals of that country are prohibited to enter. It might be very hard to believe, but there are places which exist in India, where Indians are not allowed entry. Most such places or establishments are owned and run by Indian nationals however they only allow entry or access to foreign nationals. Below is a list of five places which are located across India, where Indian nationals are prohibited from entering;[irp]

1-The Uno – In Hotel, Bengaluru: The Uno – In Hotel located in Bengaluru was set up recently in 2012. It had been built exclusively for the Japanese nationals in India. However, the Uno – In Hotel was soon after shut down by the GBCC or Greater Bangalore City Corporation, 2 years ago in 2014. The City Corporation shut down the hotel based on racial discrimination.

2-The Free Kasol Café, Kasol: The Free Kasol Café is in Kasol, Himachal Pradesh. The café instantly shot to fame within in India as well as the international community. This was however not because of their service, but instead, because the owner of the café had refused to serve an Indian woman, where as he was only welcoming the Israeli nationals in the cafe.

3-The Foreigners Only beaches, Goa: There are several beach shacks and restaurants located in Goa, however a significant number of the beach shack and restaurant owners prefer foreign nationals over the local Indian population.

4-A certain lodge, Chennai: With a pseudonym of Highlands, there is a certain hotel located in Chennai, which only serves those customers who have a foreign passport. In accordance to a story which had been reported by the Deccan Herald, there is strict enforcement of the No Indian policy in the hotel. However, those Indians who have a foreign passport can stay in the hotel.[irp]

5-The Foreigners Only beaches, Puducherry: Similar to what it is like in Goa, there are several beaches located in Puducherry. However, there are some beaches, shacks, and restaurants in Puducherry which have been reserved exclusively for those visitors with a foreign passport. Personally, I do not believe that such “segregated” establishments should exist, the locals of the county have the right to visit each place in their country. If the foreign nationals have come to visit the country or are residing the country, I am sure they would not have a problem with the local people of the country.

Source: India Today



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