“Your Face is not that of an Anchorwoman” – Malak Al Dawood

Your Face is not that of an Anchorwoman

This was the cruel statement that a Saudi Scholarship student studying in the United States, Malak Al Dawood had heard about her. Whenever she tried to pursue her goals, everyone told her that he face is not that of an anchorwoman.

However, this same derogatory statement is what motivated her to work even harder and finally achieve her goal of becoming a television reporter on one of the biggest American satellite channels, MT10 news.

Malak Al Dawood is currently presenting a program on the UIndy TV

Malak Al Dawood also currently presents programs on the UIndy TV, where several other students also work. Al Dawood had moved from the Eastern Province in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the United States of America and proceeded to complete her secondary schooling with exemplary grades.

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She is currently specializing in television and media and expects to be completing her studies by the middle of next year. She stated that studying and living in the United States of America had been pleasant and very exciting. She added that every day she would learn something new about her personality as well as from her studies.

She wears Hijab during her TV Show

Al Dawood further stated that she had learned a great deal from all her experiences in the United States of America and she has also made several new friends. She says that she was also distinguished since she was a Saudi woman who wore a hijab and that the hijab was the distinguishing or distinctive factor. She claims that the hijab and she had become a symbol amongst all the students.

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She stated that during her first week at school, she had reported on the official university channel and had been accepted as the first ever hijab-wearing Saudi woman and was extremely proud of her achievement. She added that she no longer cares about what people think about her or have to say about her, and she has learned to ignore the hate and look forward towards a great and bright future.

We should discourage discriminatory practices in our society

We would never want anybody male or female to be told that they do not look the part for anything as it is a very demeaning thing to say to another person, and the way that Malak al Dawood handled all the hate that she received is exemplary and should serve as an example of how you should ignore the negativity and focus on the positive things and surely things will start to get brighter.

Source: Arab News