Saudi man in his 30s caught stealing ACs from a Mosque

Recently, a video of a thief went viral on social media stealing the ACs from a mosque. Later, with the help of a tip that was received from various social media reports, the police have just arrested an individual who was involved in stealing several air conditioners from different mosques located in Riyadh.

The spokesman for the Riyadh Police Department, Fawaz Al Maiman, has stated that the Riyadh Police had taken a tip from a video that had been posted on various social media platforms. This video showed an individual who was clearly stealing air conditioners from outside a mosque.

He has confessed the Crime

Spokesman Al Maiman stated that the suspect of the crime has been identified as a Saudi National who is aged in his 30s. The thief had been caught when he was driving his pickup, which was loaded with air conditioners that had been stolen from various places.

During the interrogation carried out by the police officials, the Saudi national thief confessed to the fact that he had stolen the air conditioners loaded on his pickup from different houses around Riyadh as well as various mosques.

Spokesman Al Maiman further stated that the thief will be taken to court in front of a judge when the inquiry behind his crimes has been completed. 

3371 Saudi man in his 30s caught stealing ACs from a Mosque

The need for Security Cameras around Mosques

A news reader of Arab descent has also reported that his own mother had been accosted inside an empty mosque when she had gone in there to pray. Four beggars, who were wearing abayas, had followed his mom into the mosque, and she swore upon the fact that the four beggars in abayas were, in fact, men and not women.

The men asked her for money, however, she promptly told them that she did not have any money and quickly ran out of the mosque. He further stated that if there had been security cameras or CCTV cameras installed in the mosque then he does not think that such incidents would ever take place.

How could somebody steal from a Mosque?

It is truly shameful to see how one person could steal anything from a mosque. Even though people stealing other people’s shoes/ sandals or slippers are somewhat common in some mosques, nobody expects anybody to steal something of the mosque.

How one could convince themselves to do such a thing is far beyond my comprehension, all we can do is hope that he is guided to the right path and away from crime. Nobody should feel afraid when coming to the mosque, and the security of mosque-goers is essential.

Source: Arab News