3 Most Favorite Foreign Nationalities among Saudi Girls for the choice of Husband

Those Saudi men, who marry foreign women, prefer either Syrian or Yemeni women. On the other hand, the Saudi women, who marry foreigners, prefer either Kuwaiti or Yemeni husbands. Where does your country stand on this list? In accordance to the statistics which had been issued by the Ministry of Justice for the year 2015, the wives of the men of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia hail from 35 different nationalities around the world. The women of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia choose their foreign husbands from 33 nationalities around the world. The Saudi women prefer to marry men from Palestine, Iraq and those who are from Yemen.[irp]

The official statistics have shown that around 505 women from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia had been married to Yemeni men. At the bottom of the preferred nationality of foreign husbands for the Saudi women are the countries Sri Lanka, Morocco, Bangladesh, and Ethiopia. The official statistics also indicate that the Kuwaiti men have been second on the list of preferred husbands by the Saudi women. The total number of Kuwaiti husbands to the Saudi women amount to 152 and the Syrian husbands to the Saudi women amounted to 118, who were followed by the Qatari husbands who amounted to 93 and Egyptians who amounted to 85.

The total number of Saudi women who had married Palestinian men amounted to 49, who were followed very closely by the Pakistani men who amounted to 48, Jordanian men at 46, and 34 from various other nationalities. In accordance to their nationalities, 20 husbands were Sudanese, whereas 18 were Nigerians, 13 hailed from Bahrain, 11 were from Lebanon, 9 were from the United States of America, 2 hailed from India and 7 husbands were European. Additionally, Afghani and Burmese husband’s amounted to 6 each, the Turks and British husbands amounted to 5 each and the Mauritian and Eritrean husband’s amounted to 4 each.

Those Saudi men who had married women of foreign nationalities had married 1015 Yemeni women, followed by Syrians at 183, Palestinian women at 125 and women from Pakistan at 109. Additionally, women from Egypt numbered 80, Jordanian women amounted to 60 and the other nationalities amounted to 51. Amongst these women of various nationalities were women from Morocco, India, Afghanistan, Sudan, Kuwait, Indonesia, Eritrea, Iraq, Lebanon, Philippines, Bahrain, Bangladesh, United States of America, Ethiopia, Mauritius, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Algeria, and Turkistan.[irp]

The total number of Saudi men who married women from Thailand, Mali, Europe as well as Chad were two per country, whereas in the case of Oman, Burma, Great Britain, and Tunisia were only 1 per country in accordance to official statistics as well as a report which had been issued in a local daily in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. As is obvious in the list of countries for both men and women, the majority of the foreign countries are those where Islam is the primary religion, although there are some countries on the list where it is not the primary religion.

Source: Arab News