8 Thoughts every girl has when her best friend gets married

So, wedding season is about to arrive or has just passed (depending on where you are), but one thing which is common for all new adults is that their friends are getting married. If an ordinary friend or an acquaintance is getting married, it may not be that big of a deal for us, however, when our best friend is getting married, that’s another story. Every girl has a BFF girl, who will be getting married, and there is a lot of stuff which must be going through their heads. These are the most common things which girls will be thinking;[irp]

1-How will things be between us after the marriage: Girls will wonder about how their friendship will change after the marriage. They love their friends deeply and do not wish for things to change, however, they realize that marriage will bring about an inevitable change.

2-Will her new husband keep her happy? Their friend’s happiness is all that will matter to a girl, and they will only wish that her husband will be right for her. Any girl would become her friend’s husband’s worst nightmare if they do not take good care of her.

3-Hoping for a Good mother in law:  A Mother in law has been for a long time depicted as scary, conniving and vicious. If you have ever bought an Indian soap or drama, you will know what I am talking about. Hence the friend wishes that her friend’s mother in law is not anything like what they are shown as on TV.

4-Adulthood suddenly hits you: Well, this usually happens when the first friend in a group of friends gets married. You will never be able to get the grown up thought out of your head once your best friend has gotten married.

5-Will she be able to take on the responsibilities? With marriage comes great responsibility and expectations. Meeting these expectations and taking care of your responsibilities is no easy task. You will remember how only until recently you and your best friend could not even order food on the phone, let alone take responsibilities of a whole house.

6-I will really miss her:  You will suddenly realize how important a part of living your best friend truly was and how much you will miss her once she goes to her new house and starts her new life. You might not have told her how vital she was before, but now you want to.[irp]

7-I will always be at her side: You will make a promise to yourself to be there to help your best friend whenever she might need it. You will vow to still support and protect her wherever she may be.

8-Time to party:  Well, this is the thought every girl has during their best friend’s wedding. Just remember to have fun and get as many pictures as possible.