7 things Men do when they feel that Women are not looking at them

Perhaps they say Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus for a valid reason. The men tend to function and think differently than the women. Every guy has a few things which they do when their wives aren’t looking. Men will find minor passages of time throughout the day to complete minor tasks. The following are the activities men engage in when the wife isn’t paying attention. Recommended: 4 Funny things, every woman does at home when alone[irp]

1-They will be secretly scratching themselves when the wife might be busy in doing something else. Oh, and they will not only scratch but might let out a silent fart or a loud burp too while they are at it.

2-You can be sure that they have checked out some other women while the wife isn’t looking. Though it is not with bad intention, it is just their innate nature.

3-The men will change the TV channel when the wife isn’t looking. This is especially true if the wife has put on any romantic TV show, movie or chick flick. Men cannot stand this and will switch over to sports or action movies.

4-Men will most definitely adjust themselves down below every occasionally. Have you forgotten that wedges are a real thing? It is a true daily struggle.

5-Men will very cleverly check out / admire their wives when they will be busy in doing some other task. They will notice a new lipstick, hair color, and manicured nails. Though they might not admit to seeing ‘much difference’.

6-Often, men will have a quick update scroll through their phone as soon as the wife looks away. They will be done checking before you know it, and hence do not get caught (much). Even if the wife does catch him, it will seem as if he has only glanced at his phone, but he will instead be completely updated with his latest Facebook updates, Instagram feed, and WhatsApp messages.

7-Whenever a man steps into the men’s washroom, they cannot resist the urge to fix their hair with a little water. Women, on the other hand, are notorious for taking selfies in lady’s washrooms, and not just a few, but a whole bunch.[irp]

So, I guess both genders have their habits. They will try and produce some form of the running their fingers through slick hair routine, sine successfully, some not. Both men and women have some habits which they do unconsciously while nobody is looking, the ones listed above are all harmless and do not include all habits which might be harmful to the relationship. Men are generally nice beings (there are rotten apples in both genders). They do not want constant attention, which is in stark contrast to their wives who love having attention all the time. If you have any habits, you would think we have forgotten to include in the list let us know.