10 Reasons any Girl should not marry a Pakistani Guy

Pakistan, much like their beloved neighbor India, is among the top contributors to the enormous expatriate workforce currently employed in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The expatriate workforce in the Kingdom makes up around 2/3 of the total workforce whereas only 1/3 of the total private sector workforce is made up by the local Saudi population. Anybody who has visited the Kingdom or worked in the Kingdom know a Pakistani guy, whether it be a co-worker or anybody else. Though they can be highly helpful, fun loving and hardworking people, there are a few annoying things which most of the Pakistanis do (not all). If you are a girl from a nationality other than Pakistan and looking for a Pakistani guy to get married, we are giving you 10 reasons not to marry a Pakistani guy. Recommended: 9 Benefits of Marrying a Pakistani Girl for a Saudi Resident[irp]

1-The Infamous Pakistani mother in law: She will be the queen of everything in the house and will be most of the times referred to as “Ammi Jaan”. Her responsibilities towards you will range from taunting you with sarcastic remarks, criticizing you in the presence of your husband and becoming your worst nightmare.

2-You must compromise on almost everything. That, however, is not applicable on your husband. You shall never make him feel as if you are unhappy. This might cause him extreme emotional distress and pain which might cause him to divorce you under pressure instead of trying to make things better.

3-To marry the highly eligible (unstable) bachelor's, you must impress them. This, however, cannot be done by good looks, etiquettes, and manners. You must do this with the dowry you bring with yourself. This will include everything you and your family has ever owned and more.

4-You will always live in the same house as your mother in law, as well as the other in-laws (husband’s brother, his wife etc.) this means that you will truly never know what privacy is like.

5-You will be forced to cut all contact with any male friends, regardless of how good a friend they may have been prior to marriage. The most you will be ALLOWED to do is to have your female friends over for a few hours if you want to meet them.

6-You won’t have any say in matters of family planning. This will be DECIDED by the MAN of the house i.e. your husband. He will even choose how many babies you will have; with little to no regard for the number, you have in mind. If it were up to the husbands, they would have had an option to have their choice of gender too. Once they are born, they become solely your responsibility.

7-You will be expected to be dignified and proper always. You must instantly grow up and stop wearing those pajamas and t-shirts you normally would wear around the house. This is so that you may not disrespect the empty house and its values.

8-You will not have any right to any of your husband’s assets after his death. That belongs to his parents till they are alive. You might get a share when they expire but that’s a long waiting game.

9-You will be expected to do all the household chores without any help from your other half. Helping around the house is extremely harmful to the male ego and hence men refrain from doing so. You might just say that your marriage has made you his mother’s assistant.[irp]

10-You must do nothing which would offend them in the slightest of ways. Do not give them anything to suspect you of having an affair. Do not tell him that he snores and has bad breath. His only answer would be DIVORCE.

Source: The Express Tribune