7 Lesser Known Facts about the King Fahad Fountain in Jeddah

The King Fahd Fountain located in Jeddah has become a landmark of the city and serves as the perfect postcard for the city of Jeddah. The residents and visitors to the city of Jeddah have grown so accustomed to seeing this magnificent fountain in their city, that now they feel that their city is incomplete without it. Here are a few facts about the King Fahd Fountain, the pride of Jeddah and the Jeddawis;[irp]

1-The King Fahd Fountain which is in Jeddah is the tallest fountain on earth by a long shot. The King Fahd Fountain reaches a height of about 312 meters or 1024 feet. For those who may not understand how huge that is, the water from the King Fahd Fountain reaches higher than the Eiffel Tower (antenna included). Recommended: 15 Interesting Facts about the Eifel Tower

2-The second tallest fountain in the world is the Gateway Geyser which is in East St. Louis, Illinois, USA. The water from the Gateway Geyser reaches a height of 192 meters or 630 feet which are around half of the height of the King Fahd Fountain.

3-The construction work for this huge landmark fountain began in the early 1980’s. The fountain that we see today commenced operations in 1985. The King Fahd Fountain was built in a similar style to that of the Jet d’Eau fountain, which is in Geneva, Switzerland. Similarly, the Jet d’Eau is the most famous landmark in all of Geneva.

4-The water shot out of the colossal King Fahd Fountain in Jeddah consists of a huge dash of water which is shot vertically up into the air at a staggering speed of around 233 miles per hour. This speed is higher than the speed limit on most standard cars. The total airborne mass shot out of the King Fahd Fountain can weight upwards of 16,000 kilograms.

5-Since the water used in the King Fahd Fountain is salt water and it is shot out at very high speeds, the builders face a challenge by corrosion and abrasion caused in the fountain by the salt water. Hence the water intakes in the fountain are in a special pit which is kept dry as much as possible and the pit is also treated with chemicals and paint which prevents the growth of any marine life. The water for the fountain must pass through several screens before it finally reaches the pumps; hence the sand, soil and organic matter are all filtered out.

6-Around 500 high-intensity spotlights have been set up around the fountain to light it up at night. These lights have been specially designed to withstand the constant pressure of the water falling on them.[irp]

7-The only time that the fountain is closed, is for a little more than a day, during the planned annual maintenance. The entire maintenance process takes around 3 weeks in total.

Source: Destination KSA

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