10 Rights for which Patients are entitled to in Saudi Hospitals

Many people who are admitted to hospitals around the world, seem to think that they are now completely dependent on the Hospital Staff or have no rights hence do not make any demands for their comfort etc. There is, however, a list of rights which most hospitals have posted on notice boards. These are the rights that every patient admitted into the hospital has, regardless of anything. If any doctor or hospital say anything contradictory to these, just stick the list in their face so they know you have complete knowledge of what you are talking about. These are rules from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the rights may differ in other countries. Even I had no idea about it if you want to find out what rights the patients have, read ahead;[irp]

1-The patient has complete right to get the same treatment at the hospital, regardless of their culture, religion, and creed and with complete respect to their respective traditions.

2-The patients have the right to be informed of all complications prior to performing any medical procedure. All patients will be asked to sign a consent form before the doctor treating them can take any sort of action and perform any medical procedure.

3-The patient has the right to request their hospital bill at any time during their stay or visit to the hospital. The patient has the right to be treated in a safe environment inside the Hospital.

4-The patients have the right to be informed by their doctor about the prognosis and diagnosis. If it is required, the patient’s authorized relative or person will be kept informed of your general condition. In any life-saving or emergency scenario or situation, an extensive explanation will be rightfully provided to you after the situation has been resolved.

5-The patient has the right to ask the treating doctor or the resident doctor about anything which might be related to the medical treatment that the patient is going through.

6-The patients have the complete right to receive any telephone calls in addition to any written communication which will be addressed or directed to them.

7-The patients have the right to meet all familiar guests during the visiting hours which have been set by the hospital. The patients have this right, till the doctor does not prohibit any visitors in his notes.

8-The patient has the complete right to appreciate as well as criticize the services offered by the Hospital.[irp]

9-The patient has the right to have their medical records treated in a way which would be highly confidential. They also have a right to have privacy during all medical procedures performed in the hospital.

10-The patient has the right to have a medical staff of the same gender as them present during all the medical procedures and checkups.