A Saudi Teacher reports to School the next day after his wedding night

Initial training depends upon the School Teacher: Education is one of the most significant parts of our life. The kind of training we all get initially generally relies upon the kind of instructor we have in school.

A constructive or unconstructive approach can change the whole life of a child. Future of a child majorly depends on the teacher. In our society, there are all types of teachers. 

A Saudi teacher got married in Al Jouf: In Al Jouf, there is a case of a responsible loyal Saudi teacher, Humood Al Shetaiwi, who got married on Saturday evening which is the last day of the weekend in Saudi Arabia and celebrated his wedding with his family and friends.

He Joined School a few hours after his marriage: On Sunday, early morning he decided to re-join his work and was back at school just after a few hours of his marriage. He surprised both the school management and students.

On Monday, the newspaper quoted that he wanted to finish the courses of the first semester before the school break.  He said that he had not considered even once taking off from the job even though he could take a leave.

He lives near the school and there was no reason for him to stay at home so he decided to resume and came to school. He will enjoy his celebrations with his bride during the holidays, he said.

3340 A Saudi Teacher reports to School the next day after his wedding night

Teaching is not just a job, it is a huge responsibility: Some social media sites show support for his sacrifice by saying that he played a good role model for other teachers by taking such a bold step. It was said that some teachers don't understand the value of their post.

They don't know that teaching is not just a job, but a responsibility that needs loyalty, commitment, and devotion, he posted.  A Social media reporter appreciated him by saying that he is a devoted man and he took this challenge so he deserves our full support. He also wished him a happy married life.

Many people disapproved of his attitude: On the other hand, many people opposed the behavior of the teacher and disapproved his attitude by saying that he should stay at home with his bride on the first day. 

Ahmad, another user, posted that he would throw him out of school if he was his friend and would have forced him to stay at home with his bride. She is more important than his students, especially on that day.  Nader stated that he neglected his bride and a legal action should be taken against him.

He is the reason for the rising rate of divorce: Many people posted that the rising rate of divorce in Saudi Arabia is basically because of people like this teacher.  “The wedding ceremony was unplanned and he should consider it more sensibly and avoid the clash with the school days,” another user, Khalid commented.

A good teacher can be someone who always encourages and wants his students to do their finest while at the same time trying to make learning appealing as well as inspiring.

A positive or negative attitude of a teacher on the early life of a child has a great effect.  All teachers should try to be good and responsible towards their job because today's students will be the responsible society of tomorrow.

Source: Gulf News

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