50 Names of Muslim Girls starting from the alphabet “J” along with their meanings

At the time of birth of our children, almost all of us face the difficulty of choosing a unique, beautiful and a meaningful Muslim name. I have personally experienced it at the time when I had to name my daughter. I know there are many common Muslim names for Boys and Girls but the problem is that these are common names and normally wives or someone in your family don’t want to use these common names. So, your requirement is a unique name with a good Islamic meaning. Some people want to name their child starting with a special alphabet for example, “J”. Keeping this in mind, I have finally decided to provide a list of names of Muslim Girls starting from each alphabet along with its meanings. In this page, you would be able to check 50 Names of Muslim Girls starting from the alphabet “J” along with their meanings.[irp]

Names of Muslim Boys along with their meanings A-Z

Names of Muslim Girls along with their meanings A-Z

1-Meaning of Jabalah – Daughter of Musafh; she was a narrator of hadith

2-Meaning of Jabeen – Forehead

3-Meaning of Jabrayah – Love, respect

4-Meaning of Jahaan – Land

5-Meaning of Jahan – Land

6-Meaning of Jahan Aara – Adornment of the world

7-Meaning of Jahan Khatoon – She was a Persian poet

8-Meaning of Jahanara – To flower, to live

9-Meaning of Jahdamah – She was a female companion of the Prophet (S.A.W)

10-Meaning of Jahida – Helps the vulnerable

11-Meaning of Jahmyyllah – Beautiful one

12-Meaning of Jaiyana – Strength

13-Meaning of Jalilah – Splendid

14-Meaning of Jameela – Beautiful

15-Meaning of Jameelah – Beautiful

16-Meaning of Jameena – Progressive, productive

17-Meaning of Jamia – Beautiful

18-Meaning of Jamila – Beautiful, Graceful, Lovely

19-Meaning of Jamilah – Beautiful, graceful

20-Meaning of Jammana – Pearl

21-Meaning of Jana – Products (Fruits) of Paradise – In Surah Al-Rahman

22-Meaning of Janan – Heart, Soul

23-Meaning of Jannah – Heaven, paradise

24-Meaning of Jannat – Heaven

25-Meaning of Jaseena – Nice Heart

26-Meaning of Jasmin – Flower

27-Meaning of Jasmina – Flower

28-Meaning of Jasrah – She was a narrator of Hadith

29-Meaning of Javairea – Mysterious

30-Meaning of Jawahir – Precious stones, jewels

31-Meaning of Jawharah – Jewel, gem

32-Meaning of Jaza – Reward, compensation

33-Meaning of Jazeera – Island

34-Meaning of Jazira – Island

35-Meaning of Jaziya – Granting

36-Meaning of Jehaan – Creative mind

37-Meaning of Jehan – Beautiful Flower

38-Meaning of Jemimah – Beautiful

39-Meaning of Jenna – Heaven, Paradise

40-Meaning of Jennah – Paradise

41-Meaning of Jessenia – Flower

42-Meaning of Jian – Life

43-Meaning of Jihan – Heavenly Place

44-Meaning of Judamah – She was the daughter of Wahb; she was a companion and a narrator of Hadith

45-Meaning of Jumaana – Silver Pearl

46-Meaning of Jumaymah – Name of a female companion

47-Meaning of Jumaynah – Gem, name of a female companion

48-Meaning of Junainah – Garden of paradise

49-Meaning of Junnut – Heaven

50-Meaning of Juwariyah – She was the wife of the Prophet (S.A.W)50-Meaning of Izzah (Izzat) – Slave girl

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