4 Important Rules to avoid Traffic Violations at Traffic Signals in Saudi Arabia

Saher, in the Arabic language, means ‘one who remains alerted’. Saher cameras are an automatic arrangement for the supervision of traffic violations and it covers the major cities in Saudi Arabia. Saher is a multi-objective projector, which can screen automobiles and track them using license plate recognition equipment. New Saher cameras are being installed on all the roads of Saudi Arabia, first from major cities like Riyadh, Jeddah, and Dammam. There are some guidelines which we want to mention as part of the traffic rules to save you from hefty fines for traffic violations. Recommended: 8 Features of New Saher Cameras installed in Saudi Arabia[irp]

The images are attached for better understanding. There are sketches of cars in which there is a green car showing the correct way, which is not a violation. The red car shows violating actions. Follow what the green car specifies and prevent yourself from being the red car driver. As you know the fine for crossing red light has increased by manifolds, it is good for us to know about these 4 basic rules to avoid any trouble. It is your hard-earned money and you should not lose it for small violations. Moreover, when you cross a red light, you are actually putting your life and the life of many others in danger, so please avoid it.

All the vehicles need to stop at the traffic signal with red light, with a sign board specifying the STOP sign. If there are no signs, one must stop before the ceramic brick lines or zebra crossing which are the “cat eyes” when the signal is red.

The red car shows violation as it did not stop on the red light. As soon as you cross the ceramic brick line, you violated the traffic rule. A car passing this line is not allowed when the signal is red. You must pay for it even if you did not cross the pedestrian walkway and only crossed the cat eyes. Recommended: Traffic Department reduces the fine for crossing red light to SR 3,000

You will commit two violations if you cross the ceramic brick line as well as the pedestrian walkway during the signal’s red light period as both the acts are not allowed when the signal is red.[irp]

While you are living in Saudi Arabia, it is important to know that you can take a right turn from the red light. But to avoid traffic violation, you must follow a certain procedure. If you don’t follow this procedure, a Saher camera will flash resulting in the traffic violation which can go up to SR 3,000. Recommended: How to Take a Right turn on Red Light with Saher Cameras in KSA?

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