How Saudis reacted when they saw their King sitting in the Car for the first time?

Hadi Al Mansour, who had lived during the glorious era of the late great Saudi King Abdul Aziz, has now narrated how society back in those days had perceived the invention of the automobile. Mansour stated that when people saw the late great King Abdul Aziz riding in one automobile for the first time, during a tour of Riyadh, the local people had become extremely worried about the King as they thought that the modern invention had been affected by some type of curse or witchcraft which would take their beloved King to an unknown place.[irp]

These types of incidents happen in any society; however, it has manifested in an increasing manner in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, mainly due to the geographic location and since the society back in those days was still in the beginning or earlier stages of engaging with the technological transformations.  The problems faced by the Muslim world are like those faced by the earlier people of Saudi Arabia. The crisis faced in education, religious rhetoric, the perception of reality, relationships with others and modernity is extremely common problems for all Muslim communities spanning across Indonesia to Morocco. The economy of the country is the main influence behind the transformation of any society, and the oil and wealth due to the oil have contributed immensely to improving the awareness, happiness, and education.

However, the wealth also has a counter effect which slows down the change due to the various financial breakthroughs that keep contributing to the decreasing competency in people in managing their own revenues and resources. These breakthroughs have caused massive corruption on every level as much as it has brought benefits to the people and the economy. The wealth has produced several good results but has, in turn, destroyed numerous essential values of the Muslim societies as well as the Arab people.

As is common knowledge, the oil will no longer continue to control the society as well as the economy. The Deputy Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Prince Mohammed bin Salman has stated that the current oil addiction of the people will be surely overcome. There will be various structural changes in finding new resources that can bridge the major divide that has been caused by our total dependence on oil as fuel, which is depleting the natural resources and is a dangerous dependency.[irp]

It has now been more than a century since the story about the late great King Abdul Aziz of Saudi Arabia, as well as the people of Saudi Arabia who had feared for his well-being when they saw him riding in the “witchcraft” powered automobile. The society of Saudi Arabia, much like other Muslim societies around the world, have experienced a true transformation, however, the nature of the society is that they change without even feeling it. This is a part of the sociological nature.

Source: Al Arabiya