Abir Al-Anzi: A Saudi Nurse donates part of liver to Cirrhosis patient

Cirrhosis is the 12th most deadly disease in the world

There is a great example of the sacrifice set by a Saudi nurse named Abir Al-Anzi.  Bashyer-Al-Rashidi, a little young girl is a cirrhosis patient who was suffering from one of the fatal diseases. Cirrhosis is a complicated disease of the liver which attacks liver deadly.

As per the current statistics of National Health Institutes, cirrhosis is considered as the 12th most deadly and terrifying diseases in the world. Cirrhosis is a slow ongoing disease in which tissues of the healthy liver is replaced with scar tissue and functioning of the liver is not proper.

Causes of Cirrhosis Disease

There are many causes for Cirrhosis but Cirrhosis mostly is caused by viral hepatitis B and hepatitis C. Cirrhosis can be suggested and diagnosed by medical examination of a patient which includes the examination of a patient physically, blood samples and also be confirmed by biopsy of the liver. 

3331 Abir Al-Anzi - A Saudi Nurse donates her Liver to save a little Young Girl

Nurse Abir Al-Anzi donated part of her liver

Nurse Abir Al-Anzi donated the most important part of a precious human organ and the largest gland of the body to the little young girl.

Abir Al Anzi who is just in her 20's holds no relation with this little young girl but she set a great example for all the humans and made the most precious relation with the little girl by donating a part of her liver. Abir Al-Anzi got news of needy young little girl through a social site, Twitter.

She just caught this news of appeal for donation with the name of Bashyer Al-Rashidi, who was admitted in Prince Sultan Medical, located in Riyadh. The patient needed a donor immediately.

The nurse tried to contact her family.  After confirmation of the Bashyer Al-Rashidi’s health and carrying out all essential test requirements, Abir Al-Anzi took the decision of donating part of her liver.

3331 Abir Al-Anzi - A Saudi Nurse donates her Liver to save a little Young Girl 01

The surgery for Liver transplantation was conducted on 28th of December in 2016 which proved to be successful. Abir Al-Anzi is in stable condition and discharged from the intensive care unit.

There is an honoring ceremony to be held by the health officials for Abir Al-Anzi in the city of Jouf. The Saudi minister of health is thankful to her for her great support. He gave her a compliment by quoting her that she set an excellent and finest example for the whole mankind by saving a life of a little young girl.

Source: Saudi Gazette