Expats arrested for arranging an immoral, mixed party in Riyadh

In Islam, the unnecessary interaction between male and female is strictly banned. This means that in all part of life and in all areas whether private or public, contact between male and female is normally prohibited.

There are many proofs and Hadith which clarify that contact between male and female should be avoided.

Hazrat Aisha (R.A) said that when she used to play with her friends and whenever the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) came in, they would leave and whenever He (Peace Be upon Him) went out they would come back in. This Hadith was narrated in Abu Dawud, p.284, Hadith No. 4931.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has strict rules regarding mixing of males and females. Also, there is a total ban on alcohol.

It is illegal to make, sell or use it. In Riyadh, the police have detained four expatriates who arranged a mixed party in a compound in the south of the capital Riyadh.

The police came into action as soon as they received information about the party during which alcohol was served. On Sunday, Saudi newspaper stated that the police arrested a Lebanese man who was basically the organizer of the party.

His three partners included a Syrian, a Palestinian and a Jordanian, who helped him in organizing and promoting the party and selling the entry passes were also arrested.

They were sent to the public examination for more inquiries. Saudi Arabia has severe punishments for mixed parties of male and female. Men who are found guilty in such cases like illegal parties are have sentenced to jail and lashes by the court. 

In October 2014, there was a similar case; a party was arranged in which college girls took part.  The person who was responsible was beaten at the college where the girls were present.

The party was arranged at a rented activity area in western Saudi Arabia. The police took just after they received information about co-party being arranged in the area.  15 girls, all university students, and five men were arrested for their involvement.

The five men were punished to 99 lashes and sent to jail for eight months, but there was no punishment for girls. Some of the social media users agreed to the court’s judgment, but some of them said that the girls should also face the same penalty or legal action.

When the last part of Surah-al-Baqara was revealed, the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) went out (of his house to the Mosque) and said that the business of alcohol has become unlawful. This was narrated in Sahih Al-Bukhari Hadith (3.429).

Saudi Arabia is an Islamic country where there is a strict understanding of Quran. It is also a home to many Muslims because of Makkah which is the most important Holy place in Islam.

There are severe punishments for those who are caught involved in alcohol business be it making or selling it in the Kingdom.

Source: Gulf News

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