What happened to the Mughals after the fall of the Mughal Empire?

We read the history of the great Mughal Empire, their culture, traditions, and customs along with the downfall of their sovereign Kingdom, it makes me curious. The Mughal Empire or call Mughliyah Salṭanat was the greatest era and massive ruling period of Muslim rulers over the subcontinent. The Mughal Empire’s time starts from 1526 which ended into 1857. From 1526 to 1857, Muslims ruled over subcontinent in a splendid manner and made a remarkable history which is always highlighted in golden words. Although, the downfall of Mughal Empire started and it was then no more after the British took control over Delhi in 1857. After the British control, a movement of independence was started and this movement converted into the first war of Indian Independence.[irp]

The unfortunate situation of how Mughals left Delhi is found in a historic book named Begmaat ke Aansu which is written by Khwaja Hasan Nizami. Khwaja Hasan Nizami wrote numerous valuable books on the historic events of 1857 and these all are truly narrated by survivors. One of the stories my mind caught in the book brought tears to my eyes. Princess Sultan Bano, who was the daughter of Mirza Kavaish Bahadur, narrated her story to Khwaja Hasan Nizami. She sketched the glimpse of the Mughal Empire downfall vividly.  She said that they had a whole range of tutors which included calligraphers, Arabic and Persian scholars who taught her brother Yawar Shah about every mode of the subject.

Women in the royal family learned stitching, embroidery, and other household craft work from Mughlanis. They had no veil restrictions then or now. But they always felt shy and kept their head covered and didn’t like facing the strangers. She said they all had to respect the orders of Zill-e-Subhani. She remembered that in Humayun's tomb, Huzur-e-Moala was arrested and her uncle was shot by a British. After him, Mirza Sohrab took the direction towards the shooter with a naked sword but was also shot down by another British.

Khwaja Sara, their family old servant told her to go with her younger sister because her father was calling. Her father who was seated on a horse, near the river gate exchanged his last words with her.   She spoke that her father addressed her to always keep faith in Allah and be patient, and take care of my younger sister. Her father put them in custody of Khwaja Sara and that was the last time, she saw her father and she has no idea how long he had lived after that.[irp]

She told in a depressing tone that their old servant also left them. Somehow she and her younger sister found a way to the dargah of Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya-Rahmatullah alike. Many people of the family took shelter there. Everyone was a mess. Her younger sister became a victim of an epidemic disease which spread in Ghadar and she died. Now the princess was left alone, sitting and narrating about the downfall of her royal family and Mughal rule over the Kingdom.  Although Delhi returned in peace there was no sign of peace for her. The British government appointed a pension of Rs 5/pm for royal family members and she is still getting that.

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