Procedure to Cancel Permanent Family Visa in Saudi Arabia

If you want to bring your family to Saudi Arabia on Iqama, you will have to apply for the Permanent Family Visa. In order to apply for a Permanent family visa from Saudi Arabia, you need to follow a certain procedure, fulfill certain requirements. This procedure has been explained in detail in the link provided at the end of this paragraph. In this article, we will explain the procedure you need to follow to cancel the permanent family visa issued by the Istiqdam or Online Portal through MOI. Recommended: Apply for Permanent Family Visa through Istiqdam[irp]

You need to take a letter from your sponsor addressed to the Jawazat officer mentioning the reason you need to cancel your permanent family visa. This letter needs to be authenticated by the Chamber of Commerce as well. Recommended: 6 Important Points about Attestation from the Chamber of Commerce

You need another letter from your employer stating that you are currently working there. It is generally called Introduction Letter. Employer states name, iqama number, profession, date of birth and iqama expiry date on this letter. This letter also needs to be authenticated by the Chamber of Commerce.

Don’t forget to carry your original iqama and a copy of Iqama, Passport and Visa issued online or Yellow slip issued by Istiqdam.

Now you need to locate the office where you need to go to cancel your permanent family visa. In Riyadh, it is on the same road where Burj-Al Faisal is located. Because there are two three offices with the same name, you need to look for the expatriate affairs office. الادارة العامة لشؤون الوافدين[irp]

After entering the building, you can seek assistance from the security guards standing on the doors about the counter you need to go for this purpose. Please note that visa will only be canceled from this office. No other way to cancel.

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