7 Steps to Clear Unpaid Loans and return to the Saudi Arabia

We are writing a step by step guide for previous expats to free themselves from debts or legal liabilities. Borrowers who escaped from the Kingdom to save themselves from paying debts, the entry is still open for them to come back and start a new immigrant life again without any fear of arrest. According to the legal authorities, there are still opportunities to protect such expats in the Kingdom. But initially, they need to get in contact with their lender. Also, they need to clear their fraud records if an arrest warrant has been released or a case is still going on.[irp]

1-Find an agent: To check if a case is filed against you and to communicate with the lenders on your behalf, you should have a legal representative or lawyer in the Kingdom.

2-Consult with the bank: The bank’s main concern is to get its money back which is why they are open to any payment method. You can talk to the bank to remove extra charges and fines and reduce the amount to a number which you can practically afford to pay. You can also agree on installments method. Barney Almazar, the executive at the corporate-commercial section of Gulf Law Middle East, Philippines, and the United Kingdom, stated that the banks will not easily waive your fines and punishments but your representative should be capable enough to point out the related laws which are helpful for you to agree with removing fine and extra charges.

3-Put down everything in writing: After completing oral agreements, get everything in black and white. It should be signed for proof. This document must contain a letterhead of the bank; signatures of both parties and stamp by bank official seal. This must be first signed and approved before handing over any amount.  The purpose of this paper is the protection of the borrower. Sometimes after payment, they refuse to agree that some agreement was made and demand additional money. This leaves the customer with the problem.

4-Request for a clearance letter and release document: After paying money, you need to obtain two documents from the bank to clean your record.  The clearance paper, which will serve as evidence that you made all your payments to the lender. The release document, which will be a proof that the bank took back the complaint registered against the customer.  The bank can provide the letter on the same day, or this process can take up to two weeks.

5-Deposit the release paper to the authorities: Your representative needs to deposit the release paper to the police station where the case has been filed against you and confirm them that all dues are cleared.[irp]

6-Obtain a police clearance certificate: Your representative needs to visit the police headquarters to get clearance certificate if necessary. This is optional. After clearing the case with police, they will delete all your records from the system and give verbal verification. Recommended: Procedure to Get Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) from Home Country

7-Re-visit to country: Once you clear all your record and obtain all the documents, you can enter the Kingdom and now you are ready to start your life again.