3 basic reasons Haramain Train Project got Delayed in Saudi Arabia

The Haramain High-speed Railway in Saudi-a-Arabia is an ongoing project that would create links with the two holy cities of Saudi-Arabia.

This project also called as Makkah-Madina high-speed railway, which will connect Makkah and Madina and its fundamental job would be to provide pilgrims with a fast and easy mode of transportation.

But sadly, this railway Project is disrupted every now and then. The multi-billion Riyal Project of speed train holds great hopes for people in Saudi-Arabia.

5 Stations: The fastest High-Speed train consists of five different stations located in Madina, Makkah, King Abdul Aziz Airport, Rabigh, and in Jeddah, Sulaimaniya. There are said to be various reasons for this delay.

1-Flash Flood: One of the reasons for the delay of this project is due to the flash flood which hit the tunnel near to Sulaimaniya railway Station.

There are several rumors spreading around the society but still, the concerned authorities did not highlight the actual cause of the flooding. 

Some people consider that it was due to Musk Lake. Musk lake is now considered to be a part of history and the municipality already removed its water.

2-Link between departments: A big question mark in everyone’s mind is that till when do they have to pay a huge price for its periodic delay such as for the expansion of King Abdul Aziz International Airport located in Jeddah.

God knows better how much time is required for the project and when people will enjoy this world-class service. Some people voted that this problem had no link with the Jeddah Mayoralty and National Water Company and these two organizations cannot give a solution.

We should not waste our valuable time in searching for the organization that is responsible for the problem or find reasons for its delay. To save this billion-riyal project, the concerned authorities should find a permanent solution for the problem. Delaying the project several times is increasing its cost day by day.

3-Shortage of Funds: Now we are short of funds to spend like we did before while lavishly spending on these projects. There is a need to cut down on expenditures at this difficult economic condition.

We don’t need to spend money on foreign researchers or experts who will charge heavy to solve the problem. Even the foreign experts mostly use our local experts and pay them the lower amount.

Local Research: Instead of focusing on foreign experts and spending a huge amount of money on them, we need to focus on our experts and make use of them who are available in the Kingdom.

We have researchers at King Abdul Aziz University who are capable enough of finding a scientific solution to the problem. The university holds a center of water research and excellence center for environmental research.

There are also several experts and scientists available in the university who will be able to find the solutions. While looking for a solution, all we need is to give attention to our researchers and experts like we did in the case of dead fish at Jeddah Corniche.

Source: Saudi Gazette