Wife stranded alone by doctors in the labor room, husband made delivery

Husband helped in Delivery: A husband, who had helped his wife deliver a baby girl naturally, was still presented with a medical bill which was required by the hospital, even though the doctor at the hospital did nothing to help in the delivery.

Still presented with the Bill: The man was not being given the official birth certificate of the child unless he had paid the astonishing sum of SAR 3,500, which is the standard fee at the hospital which is charged for a natural childbirth.

The woman had been reportedly also left suffering after it was made clear that she was going to be delivering the child naturally. Watching his wife left to suffer is what made the man intervene and help in the delivery.

Why did it happen? The man stated that in the beginning, his wife and his children along with him went to a privately-run hospital located in Makkah, as the wife had been suffering from extreme labor pains.

However, when he reached there, he immediately paid an invoice for medical examination which was charged at SAR 1700 for the various tests as well as the surgery itself.

The doctors wanted to do the C-Section: The doctors had come to check up on the wife and had reported that she would be giving birth naturally. However, after a short while, another doctor came in to check on the wife again and immediately informed the husband that the process of natural childbirth had been impossible and that he would have to perform a cesarean delivery instead.

When the family asked the doctor why the woman would be needing cesarean delivery instead of a natural one, he simply stated that it was his job and he knew the case. The doctor left and left the wife screaming in pain inside the observation room.

Around an hour later she felt the contractions and immediately called for the doctor. The doctor came into the room, looked and then went back without either doing anything or saying anything. No humanity, no mercy.

How did the man make a delivery? The man stated that he then took up the task himself to help his wife give birth amidst the screams of his children around him. He screamed very loudly and called upon the assistance of nurses to help them cut the umbilical cord. The very next day, he went to get the birth certificate.

However, the staff at the hospital promptly asked him to make a payment of SAR 3,500 for the natural childbirth that had taken place in the hospital, even though none of the staff at the hospital had done anything to help.

Official Complaint: The father had submitted an official complaint directly to the director of the hospital who reassured him that the issue will be investigated immediately. However, after three days of “investigation”, the director stated that he will not be giving the birth certificate of the child to the father unless the sum was completely paid off.

The man has now called upon the Ministry of Health in Makkah for Justice and to also make the hospital pay for the physical and psychological damage that his family has suffered at the hands of the hospital.

Source: Arab News

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