Butcher loses his hand while making mince in a Hypermarket in Riyadh

Accidents can happen at any place and at any time. You do not usually get any sort of warning or caution sign before an accident happens, however, once it does happen, it can seriously affect or alter your life.

Hence we should not wait for the accident to happen and should remain alerted and careful whenever we are doing anything, otherwise, they might face something like the following; A butcher of Sri Lankan origin who had been employed at a hypermarket in Riyadh has just now faced a huge tragedy while on the job.

Sri Lankan butcher lost his right hand: It is now being reported that the Sri Lankan butcher has lost his right hand completely when he accidentally placed it in a meat grinder. 

Mohammed Muzzamil, aged 46, had been an employee at the Al Naseem Hyper Market, pushed a regular chunk of meat into the grinder by using his hand. The employee would usually use a plastic stick to do this, but today he was just using his hand. 

3302 Butcher loses his hand making mince out of meat in a Hypermarket in Riyadh

Eyewitness: An eyewitness to the entire ordeal stated that Muzammil was an extremely diligent worker, however on that day he was simply trying to work faster than the meat grinder machine.

Because of this callous action by Muzzamil, his right hand was completely amputated back on Saturday at the Riyadh Care Hospital in Riyadh.

Doctors who were tending to Muzamils case have stated that Muzamil is now in a stable condition however he did require emergency surgery when he was first brought into the hospital after the accident.

Muzammil is a married man, who has 2 daughters back home in Sri Lanka. Muzammil hails from the China Fort City of Sri Lanka. In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Muzammil had been working as a butcher in a butchery which is in the city of Riyadh for the past 10 years.

Several sources have stated that Muzammil is to be compensated adequately for his loss. His accident is being considered as a work accident which entitles him to GOSI compensation.

It has also been reported that a group of social workers has been looking after the interests of the victim Muzammil to ensure that he gets what he deserves.

Be Careful: This is exactly why everybody regardless of their age, experience or gender should be extremely careful whenever they are working, especially more so if they are working near heavy machinery or any type of machinery which can be accident prone.

Even with 10 years of experience under the belt, Muzammil still lost the most valuable tool in the professional world, especially in his field i.e. the hand.

Source: Arab News