Meet Masouma, a wife who forced her husband to marry her childhood friend

She forced her husband to marry another time: The unselfishness of some of the Saudi women in encouraging their husbands to marry one or even more than one wife for various reasons is too extraordinary to be explained.

Most our society thinks that such instances are completely impossible scenarios. However, such an incident had taken place back in 1981, when a woman happily encouraged her husband to marry another woman.

She welcomed her home: She was most joyous to welcome her husband’s second and younger wife into their home. Those relatives who had participated in the wedding proceedings and ceremonies were wondering what it was that went wrong in the woman, who had so willingly allowed her husband to share his love with another woman.

Polygamy is a common thing amongst the villagers of the Al Ahsa area, however even they could not believe that any woman on earth would take an initiative and encourage her husband to go and get married to a second woman. Some of the women today consider such a scenario suicidal.

Every healthy and strong husband deserves a second wife: This woman, who seemed deranged to our society had believed that her husband who was very healthy and strong, deserved to have another wife.

The woman herself did not give any reason for taking this bold and unique decision.  Two years into the second marriage of her husband, the first wife agreed with the second wife and both found another bride for their husband.

3295 Meet Masouma, a wife who forced her husband to marry her childhood friend

His friends are Jealous of him: Villagers grew extremely jealous of the lucky man and his peers found it impossible to convince their wives for a second marriage while this guy was getting new brides on a golden plate by his old wives One of the relatives of the brave woman stated that she had been in fact possessed by Jinns or spirits.

She adds that she had been cured of a chronic and prolonged body pain that she would always complain about. The pain only went away after her husband’s second marriage. 

Villagers think that she is under the effect of some Jinn: She also stated that the fear of the woman due to the Jinn or spirit is what ultimately forced the woman to accept another wife for her husband without any hesitation or questions.

She did not also tell this fact to the family of the bride when she proposed to the bride on behalf of her husband. She had simply assured the family of the good character and other excellent qualities of the husband.

Black Magic: Other people have suspected the man had used black magic on his wife to make her encourage him to take a new wife and to not face any retaliation from her during the process. However, the woman along with her husband rejected these theories and their relatives also backed them up.

Masouma, the woman we are talking about today, was back in the news around 10 years later after she had forced her husband to marry a childhood friend of hers who had remained a spinster. This too shocked her relatives.

Source: Saudi Gazette