7 Amazing and Interesting Facts about Cristiano Ronaldo

As the Euro Cup 2016 comes to an end, Portugal has emerged champions from the battle which lasted 120 minutes. As Portugal, did not have their star player Cristiano Ronaldo with them for most of the game, we thought you might want to know a few things about him.[irp posts=”255″ name=”8 Amazing and Interesting Facts about Lionel Messi”]

1-Cristiano Ronaldo does not smoke, drink or have any tattoos: Ronaldo’s father passed away at 52 years of age due to alcohol abuse; hence he keeps himself distanced from smoking or drinking. He personally thinks it will hinder his football playing ability. He has also not gotten any tattoos on his body as he regularly donates blood.

2-He was named after Ronal Reagan: C.Ronaldo’s father was a huge fan of American actor and President Ronald Reagan and hence he decided to name his son Ronaldo after him. Cristiano’s full name is Cristiano Ronaldo Dos Santos Aveiro.

3-He was a gifted player at 11 years old: Ever since he was a young boy Cristiano Ronaldo trained hard for what he has accomplished today, managers and staff at his childhood clubs and teams state that he would come into training and dribble with the ball with weights on both feet. He thought it would improve his technique and it certainly made him incredibly fast.

4-He is stable and fast: Ronaldo does 3000 abs per day. He has even defeated Angel David Rodriguez who is a professional sprinter and the Spanish champion for 100-meter race in the zigzag course.

5-Cristiano Ronaldo can jump higher than an average NBA basketball player: Cristiano Ronaldo can generate around 5G of G-force upon taking off. His pace is recorded to be five times the power of a wild cheetah. This speed allows him to reach heights from 44 cm in the air with a standing start. With a run up his jump is 78 cm. during his training sessions for club Real Madrid F.C. and country Portugal, Cristiano Ronaldo lifts the weight which is equivalent to 16 new Toyota Prius automobiles. His free kicks have an acceleration speed which is four times faster than that of the Apollo 11 space shuttle upon blast off.

6-Cristiano Ronaldo’s body fat is recorded to be at 10 percent: The total body fat on Cristiano Ronaldo is at 10 percent, which is less than that in slim cats. This makes them the perfect machine to perform fast sprints. This fat content is considerably low in comparison to other regular individuals or even most athletes.[irp]

7-He currently earns more than the President of the United States of America: If Cristiano Ronaldo works for a total of 6 days 9 hours 17 minutes and 5 seconds, he will successfully earn the same amount of money that the President of the United States of America, Barack Obama earns in the entire year. Let that sink in for a moment. Cristiano Ronaldo currently earns around GBP 274,000 per week, which makes him the highest paid footballer in the entire world.