Procedure to Hire a Housemaid on Hourly Basis in Saudi Arabia

For far too long, the people living in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have wanted domestic workers to work in their home, but are not ready to hire more than 1 through the sponsorship process. Though this may have been a problem earlier on, today this problem has been eradicated by a recent discovery that Nauman Khan made on a random drive on the streets of Saudi Arabia. Recently Nauman Khan came across a van that had been parked outside of a villa in a neighborhood. The van looked like any other van, however, the van was marked with a signed which read “Domestic Workers per Hour”. Personally, Nauman Khan have never come across any such service ever in his entire time in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, hence Nauman Khan proceeded to search the internet for the service and this is what Nauman Khan could come up with;[irp]

COMPANY DETAILS: The Ministry of Commerce had approved upon establishing Mharah to become the only authorized company that provide Human Resources and other Sourcing Services, ever since March of 2013. Mharah is currently utilizing the 120 thousand work visas that have been provided to the sponsors of the workers by the Ministry of Labor. These work visas include domestic helpers along with workers of various professions, who hail from various countries around the world. Any contact information for the company can be found on

RATES: The Rates of the service vary in accordance with the work or service that is required to be performed along with the nationality of the maid that will cater to your services. The very minimum rate that could be found was of SAR 25 per hour. The minimum booking that can be done is for one month with 1 day or 5 hour day per week. The entire payment procedure is done online. Mharah service will drop and pick the maid from your location at the time of the booking.

BOOKING FOR MAID SERVICES: The company has a pretty user-friendly and convenient method to book any maid for service. You will however first register on to their website at The entire guide on how to register and book a maid has been given at This service, we were unfortunately unaware of for far too long, is a life saver for the countless families across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that have employed domestic workers or rely on domestic help for the day to day running of their household. It is no secret that the domestic workers do take holidays to go back home to their families in their native countries.[irp]

During these times, the families in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and their day to day lives are affected and this new service can easily take care of the house and day to day running as and how required by the family, without the family having to hire a domestic worker by going through the entire sponsorship process again.

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