One Meal of Mandi Dish sold for SR 113,600 in Tarout, Saudi Arabia

A dish of Mandi for SR 113,600

Over the course of history, there are several things that have been auctioned off for the sake of charity and have fetched extremely high prices. However, what you are about to read next is unlike anything you have ever read. A traditional dish of Mandi, which is a normal rice dish made with either lamb or chicken, has just recently been sold for an astonishing amount of SAR 113,600.

Though Mandi dishes can be bought all around the Gulf region especially in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as well as the United Arab Emirates for a price that is much lower than the price paid for this meal or dish, the high price of the dish was for a very special cause.

It was a fundraising event

This high-priced sale had been part of a public auction that had taken place on the Island of Tarout located in the Eastern Province of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The auction was done to raise funds to improve the living conditions of the needy people as well as the orphans.

The head of the local charity society that had organized this fundraiser event, Abdullah Al Alawait, has stated that the objective of the entire fundraiser had been to reinforce the cooperation and the partnership that can be found amongst all the people.

The accumulated income of the fundraiser event that had been held just before Suhoor or pre-dawn time was calculated to be SAR 136,550. This was stated by the head of the local charity, Abdullah Al Alawait, and was quoted by the Saudi daily news outlet Okaz.

He added that they wanted to reach out to the entire community and make sure that all of the people participate in these community events and activities that are held in our society, for our society, by our society.

3278 One Meal of Mandi Dish sold for SR 113,600 in Tarout, Saudi Arabia

The response of people online

The online users on various social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter etc. where the story had been shared and posted, have welcomed this new idea and have laid praise on the spirit of togetherness that is present and being promoted thanks to the fundraiser activity or event that was held by a local charity in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The entire Muslim population found all around the world, are more likely to be highly compassionate as well as generous during the holy month of Ramadan, the month of fasting, where the Muslim population around the world focus on their acts of generosity and piety, and refrain from any actions which may cause harm or disdain to any fellow Muslim or non-Muslim.

Source: Gulf News