Meet the Saudi Family who is taking care of their paralyzed housemaid from last 20 Years

“We used to live in a small rented apartment and now live in a villa and own an entire apartment building. The decision to take care of the Ethiopian maid has brought us countless blessings which have turned our life around positively”.[irp]

A Saudi family has taken care of a housemaid after she had been diagnosed with paralysis. Mr. Salah Al Syoufi stated that he and his family had been caring for their Ethiopian maid for the past 20 years after she had been diagnosed with paralysis.

The Ethiopian housemaid wished that she would die under their roof which led for the Saudi family to care for her. Mr. Al Syoufi stated that the story of their maid boggles him to this day. He says he had a friend who had employed an Ethiopian maid to work for him, however within a few months of her arrival under the sponsorship of his friend; the maid was diagnosed with triplegia, which is the paralysis of three limbs.

He also added that the Ethiopian maid is paralyzed in both of her legs as well as her right arm. Her original sponsor paid for her medical bills, but they were continuous hence the sponsor asked for the help of Mr. Al Syoufi and he also began paying for her bills along with his friend.

After some months, when her work visa was about to expire, the sponsor had no intention of renewing the visaIt was at this moment that the Ethiopian maid asked to see Mr. Al Syoufi and the entire family met her at the hospital.

The maid pleaded with the family to have her sponsorship transferred on to their name and to take care of her. The family had a brief discussion after which they agreed to do so and filed the necessary paperwork for the procedure to be completed.

The family has been covering her medical and other expenses ever since that day. The wife has been caring for her every day and taking care of her needs. Al Syoufi stated that his wife gives her bath, dresses her and feed the maid as if both were sisters.

The maid currently lives with the family in their house and it is her final wish to stay with them until she dies. Several of the people would only see this as a total burden; however, this act of kindness towards the maid has given the family much more happiness than they have given the maid.[irp]

This is truly a touching story, amidst the numerous stories of the vile treatment and abuse that some housemaids receive at the hands of their sponsors. This Ethiopian maid is lucky to have found such a caring and open hearted family, as generally nobody would have agreed to do what they have done for the maid, and the almighty has showered them with blessings for their act of kindness towards a stranger.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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