How to check Umrah visa status online?

The Saudi government has launched Umrah-e-services portal through which you can easily check Umrah visa status online by creating an inquiry through passport number. In this way, Umrah visa tracking, verification, and printing online have become very easy.

The complaints of Pilgrims

People complained that agents charge money for them and don’t issue visas or sometimes they stamp fake visas on their passports for which they realize very late.  It has also happened sometimes that agents arrange valid visas for pilgrims but don’t arrange for their hotel and transportation. Because of it, pilgrims have to face difficulties in Saudi Arabia.

Recently, it has been complained by many pilgrims that their agents have overcharged them for an additional Umrah Visa fee of SR 2,000.

To counter all these issues, the Ministry of Hajj has opened an umrah-e-services portal through which visa tracking has become very easy. Now you can check umrah visa status online by passport number and pay the money only after the verification. In this way, 

How to Check Umrah Visa Status Online?

The first step to check Umrah Visa Status online is to open the umrah-e-services portal link on your computer screen

In order to check umrah visa status online, you need to enter your passport number, select your nationality and enter the image code in the required fields. Once you have entered all this information, just click on the “Submit” button to create an inquiry for Umrah visa.

3246 Procedure to Check Umrah Visa Status Online 01

A new screen will open where you can check the Umrah Visa status. If your application has not been submitted to the Saudi Embassy yet, this screen will appear with the message “No Umrah Visa Request Available”.

At this point of time, you can also check if you need to make payment of an additional fee of SR 2,000 as Umrah Visa Fee. As you can see in the attached image, it is written that “Not required to make payment for Umrah Visa”. Recommended: What is the rule to pay SR 2000 Umrah Visa fee?

3246 Procedure to Check Umrah Visa Status Online 02

If your Umrah Visa application has been submitted to the Saudi Embassy but it has not been stamped yet, the following message will appear while checking the Umrah visa status online.  “The Umrah Visa Request sent to Embassy”

3246 Procedure to Check Umrah Visa Status Online 03

If Umrah visa has been stamped on your passport by the Saudi Embassy, the attached screen will appear with the same umrah visa status message as above but along with package details. Availability of package details means that the visa has been stamped. In this way, umrah visa verification can be done very easily.

3246 Procedure to Check Umrah Visa Status Online 04

If somebody has already traveled back to his home country and you try to check his or her Umrah visa status online, the following message will appear on your computer screen. “Exit from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia”.

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