Doctor terminated for taking Selfie during an operation in a hospital in Makkah

A seemingly innocent selfie picture: The director of the Health Department of Makkah, Dr. Mustapha Baljoun has appointed Mohammad Bafraj as the chief of the hospital after dismissing Dr. Ayman Yamani from the post.

This supposed strict and stern action which has been taken is being done and viewed in lieu of a seemingly innocent selfie picture which had been taken by the head of the Department of Public Relations at the Health Ministry of Makkah during an operation which was underway at the Noor Specialty Hospital.

The selfie in question was subsequently uploaded onto the Facebook page of the Public Relations Department head and is currently under investigation.

The dismissal is not due to the selfie: Director Baljoun has however issued a statement and has made it crystal clear that the change in management which has been made has nothing to do with the infamous selfie issue, which had been taken by the media and public relations officer.

Director Baljoun also added that the changes have come up due to structural changes in the complete hierarchy of the hospitals in the entire region and not any specific one.

3233 Doctor terminated for taking Selfie during an operation in a hospital in Makkah

The female doctor will be held accountable: The Media and Public Relations Department at the Ministry of Health has also spoken out about the female medical professional who had taken the infamous selfie.

They stated that if any medical professional or personal compromises their position or will undermine their role either through neglect or through misconduct and malpractice, then without any leniency they will be held accountable for their wrongdoings.

It is a Criminal Act: A legal advisor and a specialist in information crimes, Dr. Ibrahim Zamzami, classified the actions of the media officer under the article six of the Criminal Information Law in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Zamzami also stated that the act was punishable by the law since the action of the medical professional had infringed upon the basic right of any patient i.e. not to be photographed without her will.

Patients are also humans: All medical professionals should remember that all patients are first humans and then patients. Some doctors seem to think that the patients are just some sort of a specimen, which they can use for their medical studies.

Though such a case of a selfie is previously unheard of, because why would a doctor want to take a picture with the patient in the screen, without their consent Many of the hospitals that have medical schools alongside will often put up the patients that come to be treated at the hospital, for the medical students learning at the medical school.

Something for the Female Doctor: The medical professional who had taken the infamous selfie should have known Firstly she is employed in one of the most conservative countries in the entire world, and acts such as these are never taken lightly.

Even in the most liberal countries, medical professionals are still careful about not infringing upon one of the basic rights of a human being as well as a patient.

Source: Arab News