Saudi Arabia is the 2nd Largest Country to hire Filipino Workers

2nd Largest Country after the USA: The Saudi Embassy located in Manila is issuing at least 1,000 work visas every day for only the Filipino applicants hence making the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia the second country in the entire world, only after the United States of America that issues work visas to the Filipino workers in such huge numbers.

This statement was made by a diplomat at the embassy. The envoy has also rubbished any reports which had been published in the Philippine Daily Inquirer that the total number of visa applications has gone down.

The demand of the Filipino workers has not declined: The Saudi Ambassador to the Philippines, Dr. Abdullah bin Nasser Al Bussairy, stated in a statement which was made to the newspaper that the demand or need for the Filipino workers back home in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is as steady as it ever was, even despite the ongoing decline in the oil prices in the global market.

Ambassador Bussairy made these comments upon the occasion of delivering a staggering 100 tons of dates as a gift from the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman, to the people of the Philippines.

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The Ambassador also added that there are upwards of 1 million Filipinos working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He stated that they are living in a secure and stable environment.

Ambassador Bussairy stressed upon the fact that the government of Saudi Arabia has huge respect for their efforts in participating and playing a vital component of the economic cycle of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The remittance from Saudi Arabia to the Philippines: The Statistics site of the Philippines hiring management for the overseas countries stated that the remittances sent to the Philippines from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by the expatriate Filipinos working there has increased to $2.42 Billion during March of the previous year, in comparison to the amount of $2.39 Billion which was sent as remittance in the year before that.

In accordance to the latest statistics by the World Bank, in the field of remittances from around the world, the United States came in at number 1 with $ 56.3 Billion. The US is followed by the KSA which stands at $36.9 Billion. The KSA is followed by Russia standing at $32.6 Billion.

3222 Saudi Arabia is the 2nd Largest Country to hire Filipino Workers 01

They were followed by Switzerland standing at $24.7 Billion and Germany at $ 20.8 Billion. The reports by the World Bank show that India is one of the largest countries in terms of shares of these remittances.

India has 20 million of its citizens working in foreign countries and sending in $ 69 Billion in remittances. A close second is China with $64 Billion and the Philippines is further down with $28 Billion.

It is estimated that these remittances will increase by around 4 percent during the current fiscal year of 2016, due to the continuation and stability of the Filipinos working their jobs and the quality of the skilled work.

It is estimated that the worldwide Filipino workforce is 10 million. Most of the Filipino workers employed in the KSA are mostly focused on the domestic help, nursing jobs, petroleum companies and other technical jobs.

Source: Arab News

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