8 Years Jail for disregarding the rulers of Saudi Arabia

We have requested our readers several times to think before they make any comment on social media as a single comment can land them in trouble. Today, we are going to share with you another case where a Saudi has been sentenced to jail for his activities on the internet. Recommended: Third Eye is watching you in Saudi Arabia – Be Careful!

The Special Criminal Court in Jeddah has just issued a preliminary ruling on a Saudi national man. The Saudi national has been sentenced to eight years in prison by the Special Criminal Court for the crime of disregarding the scholars and rulers of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The Special Criminal Court held the Saudi national man guilty of blatantly opposing the senior scholars for their honesty and their faith.

The Saudi man also challenged the integrity and impartiality of the judiciary of Saudi Arabia and went ahead of accusing various government bodies of violating human rights without having any evidence to back up his accusation.

He tried to incite the general public against the rulers

The Saudi national has been also charged with inciting the public via the internet against the rulers of Saudi Arabia. He also termed them as oppressors and called for demonstrations against the rulers of Saudi Arabia.

He has also been charged with refusal to obey rulings of the court on dissolving a banned society known as “hasm” and was adamant on continuing work with the society.

The Special Criminal Court has also placed a ban on the Saudi man on traveling to any foreign country or using any platform of social media for a period of 8 years after his prison sentence ends.

It is good to see that such radical minds are being put behind bars before they can create any real trouble. Radicalism is truly not the way of Islam and the Muslim people all around the world should realize this.

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Source: Arab News