Two men punished by court for accusing a woman of Adultery (Zina)

Adultery is subject to Capital Punishment: Adultery and fornication are counted among the serious sins in Islam and the seriousness and punishment of this sin are expressed by Almighty Allah and His Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) very clearly.

For the one who does adultery, the penalty is stoning to death, and for anyone who does fornication, the penalty is one hundred flogs. The Holy book Quran uses the term Zina for both fornication and adultery.

If an individual is not wedded and gets involved in a sexual act, then it is called fornication. But if an individual is married and does the act outside his/her wedding then it is called adultery. Recommended: Punishment of Adultery and Homosexuality in Saudi Arabia

In the Holy Quran, Allah says in Chapter 17, Surah Isra, and verse 32, to stay away from Zina as it is an offensive thing.

Two men accused a woman of Adultery:  Two men, in Jeddah, accused a woman of adultery which later was found to be false. A man filed a case against his ex-wife at the civil affair court, asking for the guardianship of his one-year-old child after one year of separation of the pair. 

There were several hearings in the court, to which the man sent a representative as his substitute instead of attending in person. That person in the name of the husband accused the woman of adultery. The statement was provided by a court source to Al-Watan.

The lady filed back the case: The judge was not pleased with the accusations and the third-party words claiming that the ex-wife was not capable of taking care of the child. The ex-wife’s legal representative filed a lawsuit against the husband and his agent for condemning her client of adultery in front of the moderator.

The moderator asked for witnesses to support the man’s accusations. The agent said that he was relying on the husband’s words and he does not have any such authentic proofs.

Bring evidence to prove the adultery: The judge refused his statement and reasons and gave them a chance to prove the woman’s adultery. To prove the accusation, the court required four witnesses or the woman’s confession, but the woman had already denied and the men had no other evidence.

The woman’s lawyer, Bader Al Shatri, said that this case is the first one of its kind and this should be stopped right here only. People should be cautious enough while putting false accusations on a woman simply for the sake of winning the case and ruining a woman’s respect.

The Punishment of Fake Accusations: Consequently, These men were charged 80 lashes by a Criminal Court moderator in Riyadh. Saudi Arabia is a Muslim country.

It is the center of all the Muslims around the world due to Makkah and Madinah. Most of the policies implemented in Saudi Arabia are based upon Shariah guidelines. The penalty for adultery is very rigid in Islam as well as in Saudi Arabia.

Source: Arab News