19 Names of Muslim Boys starting from the alphabet “Y” along with their meanings

At the time of birth of our children, almost all of us face the difficulty of choosing a unique, beautiful and a meaningful Muslim name. I have personally experienced it at the time when I had to name my son. I know there are many common Muslim names for Girls and Boys but the problem is that these are common names and normally wives or someone in your family don’t want to use these common names. So, your requirement is a unique name with a good Islamic meaning. Some people want to name their child starting with a special alphabet for example, “Y”. Keeping this in mind, I have finally decided to provide a list of names of Muslim boys starting from each alphabet along with its meanings. In this page, you would be able to check 19 Names of Muslim Boys starting from the alphabet “Y” along with their meanings.[irp]

Names of Muslim Boys along with their meanings A-Z

Names of Muslim Girls along with their meanings A-Z

1-Meaning of Yafi – A narrator of hadith

2-Meaning of Yaghnam – A narrator of hadith

3-Meaning of Yahya – A Prophet's Name

4-Meaning of Yaman – Blessed

5-Meaning of Yameen – Oath, right hand, right wing (of the army)

6-Meaning of Yaqeen – Belief

7-Meaning of Yaqoot – Precious stone

8-Meaning of Yaqub – A Prophet's Name

9-Meaning of Yar – Friend

10-Meaning of Yaseen – Surah in Quran

11-Meaning of Yasin – Sura in Quran

12-Meaning of Yasir – Wealthy

13-Meaning of Yathrib – Former name of the city of Madinah

14-Meaning of Yawar – Helping

15-Meaning of Yawer – Helper

16-Meaning of Yuhannis – The name of a freed slave of Zubair

17-Meaning of Yunus – A Prophet's Name

18-Meaning of Yusr – Ease, Convenience

19-Meaning of Yusuf – A Prophet's Name

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