A man shoots the male doctor for assisting his wife’s delivery in Saudi Arabia

A man has been arrested after he shot a medical professional. The medical professional, a male obstetrician had been shot because the shooter argued that a male medical professional did not have the right to assist in the delivery of the shooter’s wife.

The shooter also argued that a female gynecologist should have been there to assist in the delivery instead of the male obstetrician. Dr. Muhammad Al Zabn, the male obstetrician, has a Saudi mother and a Jordanian father. The doctor delivered the baby around one month before he was shot, at the King Fahad Medical City which is the capital of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh.[irp]

In accordance with reports by the media, the husband/father went to the hospital around a month after the delivery and stated that he wanted to thank the male obstetrician personally for aiding and helping during the delivery of the baby.

The doctor did not hesitate and met the man in the garden of the hospital. The two men struck up a conversation and amidst the conversation, the Saudi man pulled out a handgun which he had hidden under his clothes and shot the doctor.

After the shooting, the Saudi man immediately fled the scene, while the medics in the hospital rushed to the fallen doctor and took him to the emergency department, from where he was shifted to the intensive care unit.

A search ensued for the shooter and through the tireless efforts of the local law enforcement agencies in Riyadh, the shooter was arrested quickly. This incident had also been confirmed by the spokesman for the King Fahad Medical City hospital, Bassam Al Buraikan.

Al Buraikan stated that the condition of the doctor is now stable and he is out of danger. The spokesman also added that the law enforcement agencies are collecting the evidence from the scene of the crime and there is also an investigation currently underway.

This was quite a shocking news to all those reading the initial reports and was more so upon further revelations about the case. The first thing that comes to one’s mind is that this was the medical professional who aided in delivering his baby safe and sound. Instead of thanking him the Saudi man shot him. Unbelievable!

Several of the users on various social media platforms have sided with the male obstetrician and have also expressed their sympathy for the medical profession and anger on the actions of the Saudi man.

There are however some users who are also arguing that the hospital should not have put a male obstetrician in the room during the delivery and that a female gynecologist should have been present as that is what is in accordance with not only the religious beliefs but also to the social and cultural norms and values of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

I for one believe that maybe lodging a complaint against the hospital with the Ministry of Health or some other authoritative board would have been better than shooting the man and going to jail. As per latest news, the Saudi man who shot the doctor was arrested within a week of such crime. The police have registered a case against him and will be taking him to the court.

Source: Al Arabiya


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