An Indian arrested in Riyadh for Insulting Holy Kaaba on Facebook

There is no place on Earth which carries importance and respect for Muslims more than the blessed city of Makkah because of the Kaaba located there. The Holy Kaaba is the focused center of Makkah. This cube-shaped structure is covered in black cloth and holds great value for all Muslims. It is the most sanctified mosque for more than one billion Muslims all over the world who face towards it while offering prayers five times a day.  No Muslim can ever stand the insult of Kaaba or its disrespect in any way.

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We have heard about different issues and misuse of pictures on social media from quite some time but this incident was something which could never be ignored. A newspaper revealed that the police in Riyadh detained an agricultural engineer named Shankar Poonam, who insulted Muslim sentiments by uploading a photo shopped picture of the Kaaba on Facebook.

After the investigation, it is said that the criminal is an Indian national (non-Muslim) who works on a farm in Tameer area of Al Majmaah section. Col. Fawaz Al Maiman, who is the spokesperson for Riyadh police force, said that the Criminal Investigation Department managed to take the non-Muslim immigrant into custody who is in his 40s and working in the agriculture department.

Col. Al Maiman also stated that he hurt the sentiments of Muslims by uploading on Facebook the picture of a cartoon of an Indian God sitting on the roof of the Holy Kaaba. His act produced a social media protest and disapproval. The Criminal Investigation Department located and traced the criminal and arrested him on weekend nightfall at a farm in Al-Majmaah. He admitted the crime. The police also took his mobile phone in custody which was used by the lawbreaker in the offense and informed the Bureau of Exploration and Public Prosecution for it to take corrective action under the country's Anti-Cyber Crime Law.

The picture was uploaded on 12th November by Shankar Poonam on his Facebook ID. Annoyed by this disrespectful act, a group of Indian Muslims hit Poonam badly, made a video and uploaded it on social media websites. They too were arrested and faced a penalty under the Anti-Cyber Crime Law for the uploading filming of an assault on the Internet. The Jeddah Police have built up a private digital laboratory as a part of their complete plan to fight cyber-crimes, which have now gained priority in the country as an increasing number of citizens utilize the social networking websites to converse their thoughts and judgments.

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This cyber-crime Law was passed on March 26, 2007. The aim of the law is to fight against cyber-crimes by identifying such crimes and putting penalties to ensure information safety, the shelter of privileges related to the legal use of personal systems and information networks, security of local attention, principles, common values and fortification of the general economy. One should think thousand times before posting something on the social networking websites especially when it is related to someone’s religious beliefs and that might hurt them.

Source: Arab News

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