230 Names of Muslim Boys starting from the alphabet “S” along with their meanings

At the time of birth of our children, almost all of us face the difficulty of choosing a unique, beautiful and a meaningful Muslim name. I have personally experienced it at the time when I had to name my son. I know there are many common Muslim names for Girls and Boys but the problem is that these are common names and normally wives or someone in your family don’t want to use these common names. So your requirement is a unique name with a good Islamic meaning. Some people want to name their child starting with a special alphabet for example, “S”. Keeping this in mind, I have finally decided to provide a list of names of Muslim boys starting from each alphabet along with its meanings. In this page, you would be able to check 230 Names of Muslim Boys starting from the alphabet “S” along with their meanings.[irp]

Names of Muslim Boys along with their meanings A-Z

Names of Muslim Girls along with their meanings A-Z

1-Meaning of Sa'd – Felicity

2-Meaning of Sa'dan – Happy, fortunate

3-Meaning of Sa'id – Happy, fortunate

4-Meaning of Sa'im – Fasting

5-Meaning of Sa'ir – Walking, going on foot

6-Meaning of Sa'irah – Walking

7-Meaning of Sa'ood – Fortunate, Happy

8-Meaning of Saad – A companion of the Prophet (S.A.W)

9-Meaning of Saadat – Blessing, Honour

10-Meaning of Saafir – Ambassador, handsome

11-Meaning of Saahir – Wakeful

12-Meaning of Saaiq – He who drives on the right path

13-Meaning of Saal – The year consisting of twelve months

14-Meaning of Saaqib – Star

15-Meaning of Sabbir – Patient

16-Meaning of Sabeeh – A narrator of Hadith

17-Meaning of Sabil – Path, way

18-Meaning of Sabiq – First, Former

19-Meaning of Sabir – Patient

20-Meaning of Sabur – Patient, perservent

21-Meaning of Saburah – A narrator of Hadith

22-Meaning of Sadan – Happy, Fortunate

23-Meaning of Sadaqat – Truth

24-Meaning of Sadeed – Relevant, Pertinent

25-Meaning of Sadeem – Haze, Mist

26-Meaning of Sadik – Truthful

27-Meaning of Sadiq – Truthful

28-Meaning of Sadit – Hard working and strong

29-Meaning of Saeed – Blissful, auspicious

30-Meaning of Safdar – One who breaks the enemy's rank

31-Meaning of Safeenah – Name of an Ahl As-Suffah

32-Meaning of Safeer – Emissary

33-Meaning of Saffar – An authority of Hadith

34-Meaning of Safiy-Allah – Allah's chosen one

35-Meaning of Safiyy – Chosen One

36-Meaning of Saful Islam – Sword of Islam

37-Meaning of Safwan – Rock

38-Meaning of Sagheer – Small, short

39-Meaning of Sahab – Cloud

40-Meaning of Sahar – Time before day break, bewitch

41-Meaning of Saheim – Warrior

42-Meaning of Sahib – Companion, friend

43-Meaning of Sahil – Guide

44-Meaning of Sahir – Wakeful

45-Meaning of Sahl – Easy, Uncomplicated

46-Meaning of Sahm – Arrow, dart

47-Meaning of Sahmir – Entertaining companion

48-Meaning of Saib – Foresaken, abandoned

49-Meaning of Saif – Sword

50-Meaning of Saifan – Sword of Allah

51-Meaning of Saiful Azman – Sword of dream

52-Meaning of Saji – A scholar had this name

53-Meaning of Sajid – Prostrating

54-Meaning of Sajjad – One who does many prostrations

55-Meaning of Sakhawat – Generosity, liberality, open-handness

56-Meaning of Sakhr – Rock

57-Meaning of Sakhrah – Rock(s)

58-Meaning of Salaahddinn – The righteousness of the faith

59-Meaning of Salaam – Peace

60-Meaning of Salah – Righteousness of the faith, goodness

61-Meaning of Salam – Peace

62-Meaning of Salamah – Soundness, integrity

63-Meaning of Salamat – Safety

64-Meaning of Salar – Leader

65-Meaning of Saleel – Warrior of understanding, Noble hearted, container of inner strength

66-Meaning of Saleem – Sound, Unimpaired, Sane, Sincere

67-Meaning of Salif – Previous, Former

68-Meaning of Salih – Safe, whole, flawless

69-Meaning of Salik – Passable, unobstructed

70-Meaning of Salim – Secure, free

71-Meaning of Salman – Safe

72-Meaning of Salsaal – Pure Water

73-Meaning of Salsal – Pure Water

74-Meaning of Salt – A narrator of Hadith

75-Meaning of Sameed – Brave, simple

76-Meaning of Sameer – Entertainer

77-Meaning of Sameh – Forgiver

78-Meaning of Sami – High, lofty, exalted

79-Meaning of Samir – Entertaining companion

80-Meaning of Samit – Quiet

81-Meaning of Sanaullah – Worshiper of Allah

82-Meaning of Sanawbar – A cone-bearing tree, fir, Pine

83-Meaning of Saqer – Falcon

84-Meaning of Saqib – Shining Star

85-Meaning of Sarab – Mirage

86-Meaning of Sarfaraz – King

87-Meaning of Sarfraz – Person sitting at a high place

88-Meaning of Sarim – Lion, brave, big hearted

89-Meaning of Sariyah – Travels by night

90-Meaning of Sarmad – Eternity

91-Meaning of Sarosh – Angel

92-Meaning of Sarwar – Chief, leader, Joy, Delight

93-Meaning of Saud – Felicities, good fortune

94-Meaning of Sawa – Equal, same

95-Meaning of Sawad – Blackness, Skill

96-Meaning of Sawlat – Influence, commanding, personality, awe

97-Meaning of Sawwaf – Wool Stapler, Wool Dealer

98-Meaning of Sayf – Sword

99-Meaning of Sayfiyy – Concerning sword

100-Meaning of Sayhan – Flowing

101-Meaning of Sayid – Lord, Master

102-Meaning of Sayyar – Mobile, Constantly on the move

103-Meaning of Seema – Mien, Expression, Countenance

104-Meaning of Seif – Sword

105-Meaning of Shaaf – One who gives health

106-Meaning of Shaariq – Radiance

107-Meaning of Shabaan – Islamic Month

108-Meaning of Shabab – Youth

109-Meaning of Shabah – Resembling

110-Meaning of Shaban – Name of an Islamic month

111-Meaning of Shabaz – Beautiful, handsome, intelligent, protected by Allah, melodiousself-confidence, respectful

112-Meaning of Shabb – Young

113-Meaning of Shabbeer – Appellation of Imam Husayn (R.A)

114-Meaning of Shabbir – Pious, beautiful

115-Meaning of Shabeeh – Resembling

116-Meaning of Shabib – A scholar who wrote about Quran

117-Meaning of Shad – Happy

118-Meaning of Shadab – Fresh, evergreen

119-Meaning of Shadan – Happy

120-Meaning of Shadeed – Lover

121-Meaning of shadhin – Independant

122-Meaning of Shadi – Singer

123-Meaning of Shafaat – Recommendation

124-Meaning of Shafee – Intercessor

125-Meaning of Shafi – Pure

126-Meaning of Shafin – He who cures

127-Meaning of Shafiq – Compassionate, tender

128-Meaning of Shafiulla – Compassionate of Allah or Purity of Allah

129-Meaning of Shafqat – Affection

130-Meaning of Shah – King

131-Meaning of Shahab – Meteor

132-Meaning of Shahadat – Witness, Evidence

133-Meaning of Shahan – King

134-Meaning of Shaharyar – King

135-Meaning of Shahbaz – Falcon

136-Meaning of Shaheed – Witness

137-Meaning of Shaheem – Intelligent

138-Meaning of Shaheen – Falcon

139-Meaning of Shaheer – Well-Known

140-Meaning of Shahid – Witness

141-Meaning of Shahin – Falcon

142-Meaning of Shahnawaz – Brave

143-Meaning of Shahrukh – Concerning, monarchy

144-Meaning of Shahrul – Moon

145-Meaning of Shahzad – King's son

146-Meaning of Shahzaib – Crown of a king, like a king

147-Meaning of Shahzor – Extreme Power

148-Meaning of Shairyaar – Friendship

149-Meaning of Shajee – Bold, Courageous

150-Meaning of Shakeel – Handsome, Comely

151-Meaning of Shakir – Thankful

152-Meaning of Shallal – Waterfalls

153-Meaning of Shamas – Sun

154-Meaning of Shameel – Complete

155-Meaning of Shameem – Fragrance

156-Meaning of Shamel – Comprehensive, complete

157-Meaning of Shammyn – Sun light

158-Meaning of Shams – Sun

159-Meaning of Shams-Ul-Haq – Appellation given to Indian and Pakistani Scholars

160-Meaning of Shamshad – Box-tree

161-Meaning of Shamsheer – The sword of honors

162-Meaning of Shamsideen – Sun of religion

163-Meaning of Shan – Dignity, Splendour

164-Meaning of Shaqeeq – Real brother

165-Meaning of Sharaf – Honour

166-Meaning of Sharafat – Nobility

167-Meaning of Sharaheel – A narrator of Hadith

168-Meaning of Shareef – The good

169-Meaning of Shareek – Associate

170-Meaning of Sharif – Honest, noble, distinguished

171-Meaning of Sharifudin – The noble religion

172-Meaning of Shariq – Radiant, Bright

173-Meaning of Sharique – Sunrise

174-Meaning of Sharjeel – Fine

175-Meaning of Shaukat – Grandeur

176-Meaning of Shawaizmelodiously

177-Meaning of Shayaan – Intelligent

178-Meaning of Shayan – Praised

179-Meaning of Shaybah – Grey-haired, aged

180-Meaning of Shazad – Prince

181-Meaning of Shazeb – Decorated king

182-Meaning of Shaziya – Aromatic

183-Meaning of Shehran – The ancient king of Persia

184-Meaning of Shehroze – King of Roses

185-Meaning of Shehryaar – Sovereign

186-Meaning of Shehyar – Lucky one

187-Meaning of Shehzaad – Prince

188-Meaning of Sheraz – Loving, Caring, Daring

189-Meaning of Sheryar – King

190-Meaning of Shibli – Was a great Scholar and writer

191-Meaning of Shifa – Cure

192-Meaning of Shihab – Flame, blaze

193-Meaning of Shiraz – Sweet

194-Meaning of Shoaib – A Prophet's name

195-Meaning of Shu'aa – Beams, Rays

196-Meaning of Shuayb – A Prophets name

197-Meaning of Shuja – Brave, bold, Valour

198-Meaning of Shuneal – Traveller

199-Meaning of Shurahbeel – A narrator of Hadith

200-Meaning of Shurayh – A narrator of Hadith

201-Meaning of Shuraym – Split, Cleavage

202-Meaning of Sifet – Quality

203-Meaning of Sikandar – Name of a famous Sovereign

204-Meaning of Silah – Arms

205-Meaning of Simak – Arcturus (Star)

206-Meaning of Sinan – Spear head

207-Meaning of Siraj – Lamp, light

208-Meaning of Siwar – Bracelet, Arm-ring

209-Meaning of Sofian – Sand storm

210-Meaning of Sohaib – Reddish or Sandy (Hair)

211-Meaning of Sohail – Gentle, ease; name of star

212-Meaning of Souffian – Sand

213-Meaning of Subhan – Holy

214-Meaning of Subhi – Early morning

215-Meaning of Suhaan – Very good

216-Meaning of Suhayb – A companions name

217-Meaning of Suhayl – Canopus (Star)

218-Meaning of Suheb – Love

219-Meaning of Sulaiman – A Prophets Name

220-Meaning of Sulayk – Traveller, Walker

221-Meaning of Sulayman – Name of a Prophet

222-Meaning of Sultaan – Authority

223-Meaning of Sultan – Power, authority

224-Meaning of Sumayya – Matyr of Islam

225-Meaning of Surayj – Name of an authority of Hadith

226-Meaning of Surur – Joy, happiness

227-Meaning of Suwaybit – Roof over path, alley between houses

228-Meaning of Suwayd – Black

229-Meaning of Sydeek – King

230-Meaning of Syed – Always in control

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