Meet a 55 Years Old Indian Professor who holds 145 Academic Degrees

Sometimes there are few things in life which you find hard to believe on. Such a similar story is reported a few days back about a Chennai professor in India who is proud to own multiple degrees in different subjects. 

We usually think that getting one or two degrees, that is doing bachelors and then masters, is enough or something great but look at this Chennai professor, VN Parthiban’s academic qualifications, you’ll be left in shock. 

VN Parthiban is an Indian, 55-year-old man, who belongs from Chennai. Chennai city is located in the East of India, on the Bay of Bengal. It is also the capital of the Indian state, Tamil Nadu.

This Chennai professor unbelievably holds a long list of academic degrees which is not four or fourteen but a three-digit number i.e. 145 degrees.  Getting an academic degree is a lifetime achievement and success for a person but this man is a genius.

This professor teaches more than 100 subjects in different colleges across Chennai. Professor, Mr. VN Parthiban’s visiting card is overloaded and cannot accommodate all of his qualifications at the same place.

It seems like it is not his card but a book of degrees. There is a list of educational degrees that Professor, Mr. VN Parthiban completed. He completed various Masters and research programs in different subjects.

  • Eight Master of Law degrees (ML)
  • Ten Master of Arts degrees (MA)
  • Eight Master of Commerce degrees (M. Com)
  • Three Master of Science Degrees (MSc)
  • Twelve research degrees (M.Phil.)
  • Nine Master of Business Administration degrees (MBA)

I believe this is the longest list of academic achievements I have ever seen in my life but the whole point is how was it even possible for him to balance all the things in life and successfully achieve this incredible academic victory.  

VN Parthiban has a very different point of view. According to him, this was not a difficult task and he really enjoyed it. Studying is his passion.

All the time he is continuously in the process of preparation and attempting for a new degree or diploma course. For the past thirty years, Mr. Parthiban is in the continuous process of applying for different courses.

This passionate professor devoted all of his time to give exams. During his early education, Professor VN Parthiban did not much attend college. He worked very hard to finish his initial college phase.

After completion, he got a job in the judiciary department. During his job, he started applying for courses but he chose the wrong subject and failed the paper. Parthiban had Mathematics phobia.

He said that he took admission in Actuarial Sciences but was not able to finish because a lot of mathematics was involved in it. With time he completed all of the 145 degrees with great efforts.

However, the Professor finds it difficult to memorize faces and he even forgets directions to a place where he visits every day.

Being a well-wisher, I just wish and hope that Professor VN Parthiban continues his long journey of achievements, learning, and success.

 Source: India Today

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