Riyadh Airport opens special room for Women Smokers

The Middle Eastern region, more specifically the United Arab Emirates and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have become the busiest and most frequently traveled airports around the world. The two countries act as a pit stop for all the air travel from the western world to the eastern world. Naturally, with such a high number of visitors and passengers in transit, the airports in the region are top notch, some more than others albeit. The airports in the UAE and the KSA are some of the most beautiful and well-made airports in the world. The GACA or General Authority for Civil Aviation has opened the fifth terminal at the King Khalid International Airport located in Riyadh.[irp]

In accordance to various media reports, this new terminal which has special rooms for those women who want to smoke. In other words, it will have a woman only smoker’s lounge. These women only smokers’ lounges will be located right next to the men’s smokers lounge. These lounges will also be fitted with the latest extractor fans which will remove most of the second-hand smoke which will naturally accumulate in the room because of smoking. 

The General Authority for Civil Aviation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is also planning on appointing female supervisors in this new proposed terminal, which will include rooms for searching the passengers. All females would be equipped with their own metal detectors which they may use in order to check the bags of the women, hence they will not have to share or use the metal detector equipped by the male staff members.

Generally, there has not been any real design changes to this new additional terminal which is consisting of two floors for arrivals and departures. It has also been announced by the General Authority for Civil Aviation that there would be a fee of SAR 86 for all the international passengers which the GACA will then be used in order to develop the local airports.

The annual capacity for this new terminal is expected to be around 12 million passengers. In accordance with the construction plans, the new terminal will be able to house seven big aircraft or 16 medium sized ones.  The terminal will also be including five conveyors and eight terminal gates. The terminal will be containing 80 counters in order to check in the baggage of the passengers and also 20 other terminals which will be reserved for self-service.[irp]

Adding another terminal to the King Khalid International Airport located in Riyadh will allow the staff and service providers to deal with the passengers easily and hence more efficiently. This new move by the General Authority for Civil Aviation will also allow the passengers to have a stress free and easy journey whether they are arriving in the Kingdom, leaving from the Kingdom or just in transit.

Source: Arab News

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