Saudi Mother, Daughter cancer treatment journey ends in a Flight Crash

May 19, 2016: A Saudi origin woman, who had been employed in the Embassy of Saudi Arabia in the city of Cairo, Egypt, along with her daughter were amongst the passengers on board the Egypt Air Flight 804 flying from Paris to Cairo, which had been carrying 66 people and ultimately disappeared en-route to their destination.

The mother and daughter duo had been traveling back to Cairo, after the daughter had undergone serious treatment in Paris, only to have their journey abruptly ended in an unfortunate plane crash.

Sahar Hussein Khoja: The divorced Saudi woman, Sahar Hussein Khoja was along with her daughter who had been a media graduate. Her son is currently studying at a university. This news has been reported by Sahar’s Egyptian cousin, Sameh Hafez.

Sahar Khoja and her daughter had gone to Paris for a duration of 12 days. It has been reported that the daughter had been suffering from cancer and had to undergo extensive treatment.

3186 Saudi Mother, Daughter cancer treatment journey ends in a Flight Crash 01

After a series of medical check-ups and also diagnosis for the daughter in Cairo as well as Riyadh, Sahar Khoja decided that her daughter would be medically treated better in France and went there for a medical prognosis and to determine as to what stage cancer had progressed to in her daughter.

Hafez also added that they had decided to just return to Egypt and have her restart the treatment for the daughter. Sahar Khoja’s son had been waiting for his mother and sister at the airport. The authorities at the airport had first announced that the plane was late however by around 2.45 p.m.

The plane carrying 66 passengers was disappeared

The officials had declared that the plane carrying 66 passengers from Paris had disappeared. Amongst the other people awaiting the arrival of their loved ones, Khoja’s son was extremely worried however the worry later turned into complete shock.

3186 Saudi Mother, Daughter cancer treatment journey ends in a Flight Crash

It seems that commercial airline planes disappearing is becoming a frequent occurrence. For somebody who is terrified of flying, this news comes as a heart breaker. My only conclusion of the mysterious disappearance of the Egyptian Airline flight is that there is simply a lack of maintenance and/or physical evaluation of aircraft and also mental and physical evaluation of the pilots.

The airlines should realize that they are responsible for the staff and passengers on board, and if they cannot guarantee their safety then they should just close down shop and get into a business which does not have the lives of so many people at stake.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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