Get 10% Reward of the fine imposed, Report Labor Violations to the Jawazat

Every country needs a check and balance system to maintain a proper law and order situation. Similarly, Saudi Arabia also needs to take certain steps and make policies to prevent law violations and separate the black sheep from the population responsible for it.

A new system of rewards was designed and introduced to approach and give prizes to one or more persons who act for the betterment of the country and to help the officials in doing their work with efficiency. It helps in motivating an individual who is not actively taking part in the Kingdom’s activities.[irp]

In Jeddah, the Ministry of Labor and Social Improvement decided to give rewards to the general public who report work violations to them that equal to 10 percent of the penalty imposed on the violator upon collection.

Khaled Abalkhail, the head of the Ministry of Work and Social Improvement said that the award is in line with the work law, which gives the minister the right to give a prize to Saudis who assist the ministry’s examination employees in checking irregularities and catching law violations.

He said that the معاً للرصد is an application introduced by the experts who aim to broaden the circle of advanced electronic services to improve clearness and direct responsibility with the support of society.

The software which is available in the Kingdom also aims to boost confidence in the common man to play a role in checking and serving the authorities responsible for addressing troubles in the work market.

The List of Labor Violations which can be reported: The presenter also said that the application allows reporting of up to six work violations and more will be added in the coming months. Some common violations include;

1-Promoting work visas or interfering in that procedure illegally

2-Workers forced to work in direct daylight, harsh weather and beyond the allowed working hours without protection employers registering Saudi residents among their workers without their information or approval; hiring non-Saudis for jobs which are only allowed for Saudis; hiring men to do women’s work; interfering in the staffing of workers without the ministry’s agreement.

3-Employers registering Saudi residents among their workers without their information or approval

4-Hiring non-Saudis for jobs which are reserved for Saudis

5-Hiring men to do women’s work interfering in the staffing of workers without the ministry’s agreement.

6-Interfering in the staffing of workers without the ministry’s agreement.

Abal-Khalil said that the reward is based on the additional benefit system that counts the prize as a part of the penalty upon its collection. The spokesman said that in order to report the violation and claim the prize, the person should be eligible for it according to the mentioned criteria.

The Criteria to qualify after reporting Labor Violation: The criteria include that the;

1-Complaint must be sent through the معاً للرصد

2-The Violation has to be recognized

3-It has to be reported within 30 days of its incidence, and the report has to be correct.

If an individual’s claims are found to be negative for three continuous cases, the individual would be banned from reporting for a minimum of six months.

If an objection is presented by more than one individual, the prize would be rewarded to the one who reported first. Abal-khail said that the prize system will begin from Sunday. The معاً للرصد can be easily downloaded on Apple and Android.

Source: Arab News

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